1/1 An Introduction to Your Boardroom

Ever been to a major company’s boardroom meetings?  What would you expect to find in the Boardroom of the White House in the USA?  What would you think happens in the Boardroom meetings of United Airlines, or IBM and Microsoft? 

Most functional, productive businesses of the world have a united, goal-oriented approach in their meetings, with different people doing different jobs.  We have taken this expectation and applied it to the boardrooms you can find with your own personality. 

As we have said in our first post, the concept of the Boardroom can be used to explain the turmoils we all feel in life.  Why are some people so bound up in anxiety, legalism and perfection while others are able to just drift through life without taking responsibility?  I’m sure you know people who are driven to be so logically control that emotions are foreign to their world.  So people are slaves to their enmeshed family dynamics while others are isolated, alone and drifting without anchors in their world.  Why are there such differences in people?

During our past 20 years of counselling, we began to see patterns in the way people lived their lives.  We recognised that different aspects of someone’s personality were in control, while other ‘parts’ were weaker and undeveloped, or almost non-existent.

One person might be very rational, logical where their mind dominated their world.  Another might be a person who makes decisions based on their emotions, or how their heart feels about things.  Another person might allow the Holy Spirit to be the Director and their human spirit is strong.

We developed this concept as we watched the fascinating reality of people’s internal struggles.  Some people really enjoy this Boardroom approach to resolving inner tensions, as it explains why some conflicts occur within us.  Working with our Boardroom helps bring harmony with the Lord, ourselves and others.

For many, many people their answers are found in ‘the Boardroom Concepts’.  We are viewing the 7 inter-related parts of our personality as having a life of their own, with their own voices, drives and influence on their inner health.  Each member has a role, whether crippled and crushed or loud and dominated.

Different situations bring different members into focus but mostly, the balance has been corrupted from our childhood teachings, our family of origin and the basic human nature we inherited from Adam and Eve.  Basically the Boardroom (BR) is in chaos and is ruled by the most controlling part of the personality.

When we begin to see the interaction of the 7 members, it can explain why some people are over-balance in their views of life.  Various alliances are formed between members but mostly the average Boardroom is at WAR with itself! 

Here is a typical Boardroom:  The ‘Old Nature’ is the dominate force, with all its self-centred wants and desires.  Boardroom members are subservient to the most dominate members.   Usually this is the warring triangle between the Mind, the Conscience and the Heart.  Some members have been crushed, usually the spirit and the emotions.  Every member can be in different stages of health as well: crushed, tangled, overpowered, asleep, hidden, beaten and broken.

Before we allow the Creator to touch our life, the Boardroom is alienated from God and has its own laws.  It is only the balance of the Holy Spirit and your human spirit that can bring the order needed….but that’s part of the problem for most Boardrooms (BR); the spirit has abdicated it role to lead the members into that place of health and peace.  Most people, their spirit has been hidden, chained up or so completely ignored that the spirit has lost its place of authority.  …but then that is part of the journey that makes the BR concepts so interesting and so life changing.

As we begin to see the inter-relationships between the 7 parts of our personality, we begin to understand just why we react they way we do.  Then we can find answers and bring a balance and better health to the whole system.  That’s the aim of this blog… help you find your own answers for the inner wholeness you can have.

As you read through these posts on the various members, try and spend some time sorting out your own Boardroom.  The more thought and effort you put into the worksheets and valuable truths, the more you will get out of your experience with the Boardroom. 

Remember every part of your personality is God-given, valuable and needed to function as God designed us.  We are aiming to develop a better balance between the ‘members’.  Some will need to be ‘found’, healed and exercised to grow stronger.  Other will need to learn to take a new place in the new healthy order of your life.  That is what we are aiming for as we look for Total Wholeness for every part of you!

Using the Boardroom concept is one way of looking at our inner struggles and can help us grow stronger.  Part of the problem is finding out what’s going on in our inner world!  Some people really enjoy their Boardroom experience while others just feed their mind on the information we are presenting.

So, let’s begin with an introduction to the 7 members of your Boardroom, starting with ‘The Mind’!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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