1/2 Using the TOOLS of the Boardroom for Total Wholeness

So far in our Total Wholeness blog, we have introduced the concept behind ‘Total Wholeness’To put into a nutshell: there are Seven parts to your personality.  All these parts must be in harmony and working the way our Creator God planned for Total Wholeness!  Howeveer this is part of your journey; the journey has to do with what you want out of life!

Remember the parts that make up YOU?



Most successful business companies operate with some sort of committee style management system.  The committee makes decisions and sets the policy.  They would have a company president or chairman with other members, all having various responsibilities.  For most companies, having a well-run, co-operative meeting is what helps “get the business done”. 

People are somewhat similar to this committee system; we also have an internal “Boardroom”.  We have eight members on our committee, each with their own input and area of responsibility. 

Unfortunately, for most of us, our Boardroom meetings are not orderly gatherings!  Some members of our boardroom are always fighting, hiding or ignoring others.  Some combine together to make strong alliances or to attack those they feel are weaker.  One member often becomes a bully, trying to make the whole system go the way it thinks things should be. 

Some of us have felt blocked in one area or another, so working in the Boardroom helps us find the ‘stuck point”.  This approach offers a different perspective on the issues we all face in our search for God and for wholeness.  When each boardroom member sees its God-given function and learns to be re-programmed by the Holy Spirit, God’s order will follow.  That is aim of the Boardroom class experience.



1The Mind – the rational, thinking tool that helps us run our life.  It functions much like a computer by collecting and processing information.  It is designed to be a guard against deception, but it can be corrupted, dulled, closed and blinded by sin.  Most often, it has usurped God’s authority to become ruler and director of our life.

2.  The Will – the member who carries out the decisions of the group.  However, the will can be crippled or stunted due to childhood issues or the traumas of the past.  The will usually combined with other members to carry out their will rather than for the good of the whole boardroom.

3.  The ConscienceThe Moral guide and guardian of the Heart and soul.  It can be too judgmental, distorted and overactive, struggling with rights and wrongs based on experience, logic, and tradition.   It can accuse us with condemnation and false guilt or be programmed with God’s principles. 

4.  The Physical BodyThe outer house that the spirit lives in, our physical tent, fashioned by God.  It can seek to do its own will by yielding to temptations, becoming an ‘instrument of sin’, subject to death and illness.  It has basic needs and wants that are to be governed by the H.S. and the human spirit.  Someday, it will be replaced by a perfect body.

Our Human Spirit – the real “you” is a spirit being which connects us with God and the spiritual worlds.  Our spirit can be in various ‘conditions’.  It is designed to be the discerner of right and wrong but usually it has abdicated its authority and hides.

6.  The Heart – the source of all life’s decisions, this refers to the inner core of who you are.   It is the storeroom of our personal treasures – both pains and pleasures, of good and valued memories.  It is also the home of rebellion, pride and self-will.  It is self centred, can be hardened, broken, and walled up to prevent further hurt.  We must learn to hear It and allow God to touch it in order to change.

7.  The Emotions – the messengers sent by the heart that add flavour, zest and appreciation of life.  They are complex, with different levels of intensity. Emotions motivate and allow sensitivity to others.  They are distorted due to sin, unbelief and anxiety, so we must learn healthy ways to handle them.

8.  Then for those of us who are ‘Jesus Followers’, the Lord Jesus Christ – The Supreme Leader of the BR, the Prince of Peacebrought to us by the Holy Spirit, to give guidance, help, and bring restoration to God.  He helps with the process of salvation, adoption and sanctification.  Most often, He is rejected, ignored, replaced with the self’s own false values, ambitions, and goals.

In the weeks to come, we will investigate each of these members and how to reach that Total Wholeness we were created to have.  We will consider the Bible’s teachings, how the members inter-relate and how they are meant to relate under the Lordship of Jesus.  Remember Father God’s unconditional love is with you.  He is on your side!  He is totally for you – not against you!


1.  If you acknowledge a Creator, then think about allowing His help to work through your ‘stuff’, whether you call Him the supreme Source, the Holy Spirit or the Lord Jesus.  Really help your heart and mind see that is the reason for God to break through time aned space, to be born as that helpless baby in Bethlehem, to come into the earthly existence as Jesus.

If you would like to read more on what we believe, visit our ‘About Us & Contact Us’ page on this blog or on    www.hearinggod.mentorsnotebook.com/blog

2.  What do I DO if anything comes up while I am reading through this?

We are going to travel into the core of the Self-system by using the Boardroom as a TOOL.  Be sensitive to our own reactions.  The following may help:

a)  Always work from conviction rather than condemnation.  Any time you feel the ‘aha’ conviction of the Holy Spirit, deal with it.   Don’t stay with condemnation and guilt over anything you may find in your Boardroom!  Get past it to resolve the issues and move on.

b)  Know and use ‘repentance patterns’ found in 1 John 1:9 to further your freedom.  We are restored when we agree with the Truth, so just agreed with the Holy Spirit show you as He is right in His truth of the issue.

Father God sees us “perfect” due to Jesus’ work on the cross but in reality, we need to apply these truths in our heart.  We cannot work to please Him.  He has a great destiny for us.  To prepare us for this future, He needs us to work certain things out of our lives and hearts.  Remember Father God’s unconditional love is with you.  He is on your side!  Again, He is totally for you – not against you!

3.  Why work on the past stuff?

Secular counsellors agree that unresolved ‘stuff’ can influence our thinking in today’s reality.  So we can face and work through our issues or continue to bury them ….but to our own continued pain.  Using the Boardroom tools is an excellent way to begin to see what is happening on the inside, in our subconscious.   Please let me, as the Author of the Blog, think through, work through and let the Truth set you free in new areas of your life.

As Jesus Followers, one of the controversies in the Christian community is: “Why deal with the self-stuff, working through our life in the past?  Hasn’t Jesus done it all already and we just have to believe it and leave the past behind?”

a)  Certainly Jesus has ‘done it all’.  He has already paid the price and we don’t add to that.  However, “soteria”, the Greek word for salvation, includes wholeness for the spirit, soul and the body.

 b)  It’s true that the past can’t hurt you.  However, it was in the past that your ‘computer program’ was started.  That same ‘self-talk stuff’ is still running in your computer mind today.  We all have faulty views about ourselves that we need to ‘reprogram’, faulty half truths and lies our heart still believes.

c)  Father God must be involved in the reconstruction of our “ … being conformed to the image of Jesus…” – or else our effort is mostly wasted.  He sees our overcoming as a process of “sanctification”, a normal part of every Christian’s journey.

4.  What if I can’t get anything from the Lord or see things in ‘pictures’?

There are many reason why we can hit a block when we are asking the Lord for important information about our inner workings. Sometimes, we are trying too hard, the heart isn’t ready to work on things yet, our heart might not even trust the  Lord or allow Him to get close enough to show you what is in your heart, the mind is in unbelief, you are afraid of what you might find when you start looking at the BR members ….    or? 

Then that is the next question to ask:  “Lord Jesus, why can’t I hear Your voice?” 

…and you know what, He will give you the answer.  There are ways to continue to work on your BR when all this happens, so be patient with your inner journey.  We will present a post on using the tools of visiulization to help find out what is going on inside you.

5.  Make any comments to yourself about what you found interesting, or what questions to ask.  Send me an email if you get stuck or need help:    or use the comments box at the end of this post.



1.  What were your reactions to the concept of working with your own “Boardroom”?

2.  Which member or members of your Boardroom do you think causes you the most problems?  Which will be the easiest to work with?

3.  Use the help of your Creator and aim to see God’s view of your life.  Have you ‘learned’ to hear that still, quiet voice of the Lord?  How easy is it for you to see things in picture form?


To get the most out of this Blog, review the posts again.  Get some quiet time and ask Jesus to show you what He wants you to work on for this week.  Spend time actually working on your own issues rather than just keep this as head knowledge.  Keep a written account of what you are discovering so you can see your progress.

This isn’t ‘just another blog’ you have discovered.  The lord wanted you to find this page so you could be healed more and more into that Total Wholeness that hew come to bring….but the choice is yours.  The Lord wants to help you with your Boardroom.  Watch out for self-striving and self-effort and let Him help you.

In our next post, we will begin with the mind, the Entrance into the Boardroom.  So come back and explore the important Boardroom member, the mind,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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