2 /4 Some Practical work with your Mind for Total Wholeness

We have been looking at the place of the Mind when we look at Total Wholeness of your personality.  We have seen the God-given purposes of our Mind how we can direct our Mind and thus, change our life. 

We talked about the three ‘voices’ that enter your SuperComputer Mind …..and that you can make a choice on which thoughts dominate your thinking by ‘renewing the Mind’ to your Creator’s calling.

In this forth post on your Mind, I thought you might like to do more practical thinking about your own personal Mind.  I have included some thinking and meditation exercises and some Mind Games from an Internet site I discovered. 

Remember to write down the information for your Mind to process as you continue to work toward Hearing God’s voice and your own Total Wholeness.  It would h elp to print off some of these exercieses.



The following are some exercises to help you see what is happening between your mind, your heart and the Lord:

1.  Can you work out some of the ways that your mind interacts with the other members of the Boardroom?  Who rules there?  How do the other members work together?  How can you allow your mind to be given to the Lord?

2.  In your Boardroom, ask Jesus to conduct an introduction session between your mind, your heart and His love.  Record what comes from the meeting.  Remember, the aim is for the Mind to yield to Jesus.

3.  Are you facing a wall between you and hearing from the Lord?  Picture a wall.  Size, length, height, made of….?  Ask Jesus what He wants to do with this wall and follow Him through your journey.

Record what He tells you.



3.  What are some of the temptations that the enemy seems to continually throw your way?  How have you learned to resist them?  Work on the thoughts you allow to come into your heart over this next week.  Ask Jesus what is in your heart that allows the enemy to throw those darts at you.

 4.  The New Nature lives by the inner spirit’s knowledge, the ‘revelation knowledge’ from God, a ‘rhema’ truth.  We may feel condemned if we look to the emotions to ‘sense’ God.  We can never emotionally know whether He is with us, as He is spirit.  Learning to be steadfast in Him helps the ups and downs of our emotions.

Let’s look at this truth with an example of a train with three parts: Faith, Fact and Feelings.  Your life will fluctuate depending which part is first.  For example, your job is at risk with the new takeover move. 

The facts are:  you might lose your job, have to find another job, pay cuts, move towns, change friends, and so on.

Your feelings:  insecurity, despair, despondent, depressed – of course some people would be glad, relieved to find a better boss, job or co-workers.

Your faith says:  He will open doors for my needs, He is always with me, His ways are perfect and so on.

Which of these three ‘parts of the train’ will you choose?  If you are led by your emotions what will happen – up and down, up and down.  Not a peaceful way to live your life.

However, when you fix your Mind on your faith, peace comes and surety that He is in control no matter what.  Which is the best way to live?

Draw this chart into your workbook.  Record your-self talk and write it in the centre column.  Then write out the real truth of the situation, as seen from Father God’s perspective.

The Facts of the situation:

My feelings about the situation:

But my Faith says:


Continue with chart for at least 4 examples.



 6.  Work on self-talk cycles, the ‘tape recording’ in your head, where your Mind says things to yourself.    Go visit this site:



Recently I found several sites on the Internet.  See how your Mind works with these Games:

Play neverending quiz, memory & brain games to train your thinking.

Dragger | Counterfeit | Colored Lines | The Game You Can’t Stop | Guess the Colors | Oooze | Rotate | Rotate² | Chinese Checkers | Masterpieces | Mastercards | Sudoku | Reversi | Mastermind | TwinCol | NumberHunt | MineHunter | Crime Scene | Mahjongg Solitaire | What Was There? | The Image Quiz | TriviaNut | Marsmoney | Memocoly | Checkers | Chess | Word games >>Lettermaze | Anagramania | Guess the Place! | The Google Adventure | Letterama | SquareWords | What Word? | Spellice | What Did I Search For? | The WordHunt Game | SpeedType | SpeedRead

BrainJewel | Word Bubbles | Memory Matrix

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More Brain Games!

Games for the Brain

Play neverending quiz, memory & brain games to train your thinking.

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Click a ball, then click an empty square to move. You can only 


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Next week, we journey into the realm of the Will, the part of the BR that carries out whatever decisions are presented, or who follows the strongest part/s of the BR.  However, as we have seen with the Mind, the will often has to be renewed to help make the best and healthier decisions on your journey toward Total Wholeness.

Join us for that next important player in your own personality,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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