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5/16 Learning to Submit your Conscience for better Total Wholeness

August 10, 2012

As we have discussed in our last posts, the Conscience has been programmed throughout our childhood, our teen years and into adulthood to believe certain things.   However, as we have said, some of these things the Conscience believes are NOT TRUE!  Trying to sort through what is true and what are false assumptions, half-truths and outright lies can be a long process…..unless we learn to handle the Conscience the way our Creator design for us.

One of the important tasks our Conscience has to in reaching for Total Wholeness is to learn to surrender.  In this post, we shall see what surrender really means and how to see the self-talk and views that stop that growth.


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5/15 Two prayers for the Conscience to grow in Total Wholeness

August 17, 2012

Here are Two prayers for the Conscience that would be good to say to yourself everyday for the next week.  ….or you can print them out in a fancy font and put them somewhere you can see them often.

Prayer #1. 

“Creator of heaven and earth, thank You that You totally understand my total being.  I don’t need to pretend with You.  You see the depths of my hurt and traumas far more than I ever could.  I know You came to help me see my world the way You do.  So help me to hear my Conscience but to remodel the voice of my Conscience to Your voice.  Help my conscience to continue to allow You to do what You need to do as You make me over into Your image.



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Guest Post – Christian Foundations on Conviction or Condemnation?

August 6, 2012

Our Guest Post by Pastor Sharon White:


This week our passage focuses on the Holy Spirit bringing conviction.

It’s part of a “Farewell Discourse” of Jesus’ outlining his departure and its effect on the disciples future. Saying goodbye is never easy. Apart from funerals, airport departure lounges are for me the epitome of places of sad farewells.

There is a classic story of goodbyes in the Bible, John 16:4 onwards. Jesus is sharing with his disciples that His departure is necessary so that they can fully embrace the future. He repeatedly points them to the benefits of his leaving. “…..It is for your good I’m going away.”


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