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Total Wholeness Presents two Prayers for your Body

July 7, 2014

In this post we want to present a Prayer for Your Body.  By saying this to prayer for your Body  – who can hear and understand you – this will help you find the place of your Body and bring a sense of Peace in line with your Creator.

Print off these two prayers and chose which one fits your life.  Try saying this prayer in the morning or night to help your Body become more aware of its purpose and importance in your world, bringing more total wholeness for you!

Prayer #1: 



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9/1 Total Wholeness presents the Final Member of the Boardroom

July 19, 2014

 watching spiritWe now present the eight and Final Member that needs to reside in every person’s Boardroom/ their personality: The true Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Naturally, we cannot have the actual physical Person of Jesus in our Heart as He is in bodily presence next the the Father in the throne room. 

When Jesus ascended into haven, He told His followers to wait in Jerusalem to receive the Teacher, the Comforter who would lead us in this present age.  This is the Holy Spirit.  So to begin with, we need some idea about who and what the Holy Spirit does.  Join us for the Place of the Holy Spirit in your Boardroom.


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