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9/4 So how does the Boardroom change in Total Wholeness?

August 24, 2014

Today we want to summarise the information we’ve presented about the BR.  In our time together we have looked at each of the different Boardroom members and how they function under the “Old Nature”.  Win this post, we discuss how these members of your personality change when the Holy Spirit becomes real in your life.  This is the process that happens under the Lordship of Jesus. 

So we now present a Review of The Boardroom members and how they change under the influence of the Holy Spirit and your spirit in control. 



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9/2 The Main issue in the Boardroom for Total Wholeness

August 13, 2014tour

The main challenge for the unity of the Boardroom or for total wholeness in your personality is who is in control? Whose rules Rule?

So many people claim to be Christians, even go to church and serve in whatever ‘box’ they call their church. However, what kind of life do we live outside that box, from Monday to Saturday? No, God hasn’t called us to perfection outside of His grace but where is the unity and oneness of the Body of Christ? Then, we have to stop and know that He is building His church, His bride.


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