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Announcing the Summary of the Boardroom!

June 2, 2015


thumbtackLet me introduce you to a new way of looking at your inner world. 

We have discovered a great tool!  Within each of us, there is a system, a network that can produce disharmony or can work together to find harmony.


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Review: How to Hear your Creator on your Boardroom

June 1, 2015search

policy girlAs we finish this Blog on Total Wholeness, it’s important to go back and review the foundations for reaching our goal: Hearing from our Creator and great Architect.

The ability to hear from God is an essential element in the life of a believer. In John 10:3-4 Jesus says that the sheep know the Shepherd’s voice and they listen and He calls them by name. He is that Shepherd.

So, how does God talk to us?

  1. Through His creation: Romans 1: 19-20, Psalm 19:1 & 97:6
  2. Through the conscience as conviction of the Holy Spirit: Romans 2:15, Hebrews 9:14

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