2/1 Total Wholeness and The Mind

In our first post in this Total Wholeness blog, we began an Introduction to the Boardroom concept and to the 7 special members of your personality.  Can you remember what they were?  The first member we want to five a brief Introduction to is ‘The Mind’.

So, welcome to the Boardroom member: ‘The Mind’.  

This is the logical, rational member who “just wants to understand and organise things”.  This member can be a dominating force, usually against the heart and emotions.  In our Greek heritage, the mind has been elevated and educated more than any other member of the Boardroom. We spend from 10 years to 30 years educating the Mind in its abilities to scientifically see the world.  It is the logical, rational components to my thinking, aims to make decisions, plans and to organise your life. 

For most of us, the mind is well educated in our culture.  It thinks it has all the responsibility and is the ‘Captain of your world’.  The mind often goes round and round with possibilities and tries to problem solve the issues of your life.  It can be undisciplined, struggling with overload and the demands for time.  In many ways, the mind is much like a computer.  It can be re-programmed on good things or filled with garbage. 

The thoughts you allow into your mind will influence our thinking both now and in the future.  True, it is the heart that is the storehouse of your life, but remember, the way into your heart is through the mind.  Learning to control your thought life is one of the most important processes you can ever learn to do.


If you could set the mind on a chair and talk to it, this is probably what it would say:

“Hey! I’m in control.  I’m working overtime, trying to bring order here.  Sometimes, I struggle with over-whelming waves and cycles that screw up my mental energy for hours and hours.  All those logical, memory brain waves I have to go down to find solutions ….to handle everyone…but they won’t always listen to me.

“If I could just cut off those emotions and bury them somewhere ….maybe I can put them under another layer of mind control.  I’ve tried being reasonable with that body – maybe more discipline would work?  Right now, the heart and the conscience are fighting with the will to put the body on a diet.  I must say, the poor body does seem to get a raw deal when it has to match that image of ‘slim’ this society seems to want.”


The mind works with the heart and all the memories of the pain and traumas of life.  The mind can help the heart allow the Great Healer to be brought into the picture.  The facts of life won’t change but the inner struggles to contain the pains of life can be less and less. 

In fact, the mind really believes that if it gives up some of its decision making powers, you will drop into a hole.  The mind has to learn the lesson that it is a very valuable TOOL, but not the ruler of your world.  When that Truth becomes real, the mind can rest in the comfort of knowing that there is a higher Being that wants to share the burden of responsibility.  As you bring your mind into balance in the Boardroom under the guidance of the true Ruler, you then can ‘renew’ the mind to find the Truth in life. 

This post has only been a brief overview and introduction to the Mind.  We shall continue to see the role of the mind, how it interacts with the other members of your Boardroom and then, how to bring the health that your mind needs in order to be that very valuable tool our Creator planned for it to be.  So join us again when we spend time understanding the place of your Mind in your personality.  

However, until then, check out the overview and brief introduction to the other members of your own Boardroom!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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