2/3 The Mind’s Job for Total Wholeness

Welcome back to Part 2 of our fascinating study of the Human Mind, that part of our personality that thinks and aims to rule our world.  However, as we have been discovering in this series on the seven parts to our personality, the Mind is only one precious, God-given competent that makes us the person we are.  It is only as we put all the parts together in unity and harmony that we can begin to understand the concept of Total Wholeness.

Because we have been trying to involve our Creator in this journey to find Wholeness, we will continue to look at His designs for our best welfare.  In this third post in our series on The Mind, we will look at how the Mind related to the whole Boardroom of your personality.  Then we’ll discuss how we have the power over our ‘SuperComputer’ to reshape our reality and understand why we do what we do.


 1.  The Mind has taken on Adam’s duty

 a)  The mind has accepted the instructions given to Adam in the Garden of Eden by God.  Adam was to guide, guard and govern the Garden, Genesis 2:15.  The Mind thinks it can do this ‘commission’ and plans accordingly.

 b)  Sometimes, the Mind becomes the police, or ‘big brother’ to keep all the other parts of the personality under control.  The Mind may think it is ‘The Captain and Saviour of your World’.

 c)  If this is the case, much of the mind’s mental energy goes into surveillance.  This may include keeping our barriers up, or keeping pain and other unpleasant thoughts away.  The mind works to sort through our masks, or to work out other’s reactions to what we are saying or doing.

 2.  The Mind also acts as the ‘interface’ between the physical and spiritual realms

We know the physical world exists because we can touch, taste and see things.  However, the spiritual dimension also feeds into the mind with the ‘levels’ of kinds of thoughts we experience.   That is part of the reason why the Mind is the entrance to the Boardroom.

 3.  The Mind may combine or fight with the other members

 a)  For some people the mind’s biggest battle is with the emotions.  Suppression and domination are the main weapons the mind uses against the emotions.  The mind says “If only I could get rid of these emotions, I would be all right.”  The conscience says “If only I could get rid of the mind, I would be OK.”  The battle is usually over: Who rules?

 b)  The mind can also ignore, abuse, dominate, squash or try to intimidate the other members of the BR.

 c)  What are some of the combinations of purpose the mind has with the conscience? ……or the will?  ……..the body?  What about the heart?


 1.  We must KNOW that we, AS THE PERSON WE ARE RIGHT NOW, are precious to Father God, our Creator.

 The feeling of being valuable is a cornerstone of healthy self-discipline.  As we believe His love is there for us, our heart will soften to His touch, but The Mind needs His touch too.  The Mind needs to see that it is a very valuable tool for the Spirit, rather than being a bully toward the BR.  …but it was designed to be a tool to be used by ….. who?

 2.  What we FILL our Minds with, will control us

 Our Mind is designed like the best ever SuperComputer, but like a computer, it is an empty container designed to be filled with something.  We might not realise it but we have ‘mind chatter’, going on all the time within us.  In fact we have three ‘voices’ that try and fill that container.  What are they?  Do you realise that you do not need to think all the thoughts that come into your Mind; you can chose which thoughts to think!

 a)  One layer or inputs that we must learn to recognise are those thoughts outside our selves, that are discouraging, negative, deceptive, confusing and degrading.  These thoughts come from outside us, from the enemy of our soul and his helpers.  We can chose to fill our Mind with these thoughts and think they are our thoughts.

 b)  There is also another layer of thinking in this ‘voice’ – our inner self talk, an endless tape of what we think about ourselves and others.  If I grew up in a home that filled my Mind with a false sense of self worth, that tended to overvalued my worth, those self-talk recording will still play in my thinking.  This layer of self-talk plays into those thoughts from the enemy, as a reinforcement of the negative things I believe about myself.

 If I was considered worthless or stupid as a child by those around me, those same feelings and thinking patterns of worthless and stupid will still bubble to the surface now and then, even if I am a success in the eyes of people around me. 

 What I believed about myself as a child must be re-worked and seen in the light of Truth.  Those around us as that child did not have all the truth or facts when they put that label of stupid on me as a child.  Only One Person saw me for who I was and that is my Creator.  He wants me to find His truth on whom I really was created to be……and that’s part of the journey toward Total Wholeness.

 In this second grouping of ‘mind chatter’ we have the logical patterns we have learned as we cope with this physical world.  An example is:  ‘…it’s going to rain so get the basket and take the clothes off the line….’

 c)  The third ‘voice’ that enters our SuperComputer Mind is the encouraging, uplifting and life giving thoughts come from God.  He is constantly talking to us, far more than we realise.  Part our journey is to tune into this level of hearing God so we can grow more and more as He planned for us.

 If you would like to learn more about your own levels of self-talk, catch Susanne on www.self-talk.mentorsnotebook.com

 3.  So how do we replace the old thinking with the new?

 One of the ‘old truth dressed up as a new idea’ reprogramming our SuperComputer to mind.  The New Age teachers in particular encourage us to ‘visualise your success’ from being better a golf player to being a better runner.  ….and it can work because they are using one of the Creator’s laws. 

Your ComputerMind re-programs its self by receiving new input.  We reap what we sow – weeds or good fruit.  The seed principle is one of the main points of the Kingdom of God.  Which thoughts win, persist and grow will depend on us.

 Garbage in => garbage out,   Truth in => truth out

 The thoughts we allow into our mind will influence our thinking both now and in the future.  True, it is the heart that is the storehouse of our life, but remember, the way into our heart is through the mind.  Learning to control our thought life is one of the most important processes we can ever learn to do.

 It is a very important principle that if you change the structure of the Mind’s thoughts, then the heart is also changed!  It is very important that we seek to REPLACE the Mind’s deceptive thinking.

 4.  The old nature is governed by the input it receives from the senses.

 “If I can’t touch it, taste it or see it, then it does not exist.”

 By choosing to believe what God says about us, we begin to break down the old habit patterns.  We bring change in our Mind by soaking up ‘revelation knowledge’ by the Holy Spirit to human spirit interaction.  

 As we have seen, the Mind is an essential ‘tool’ for Creator God’s purposes.  We must learn to use our Mind in the way they were intended to function – as a valuable tool for the Holy Spirit and the human spirit who are meant to be the Guide in your Personality BR.  By doing so, we will find harmony and growth in our boardroom.


 Our aim of this post has been to help you see the place of your Mind with your whole personality.  The main reason for this truth is to find Total wholeness as all seven parts of our BR come into harmony with your Creator.  Remember He values your Mind. 

 We must value the Mind too in order to gain its cooperation with our discovery journey.  The Mind is designed to be the tool to inquire, to sift facts and judge which is the best way forward.  However, since the Mind will never have all the facts, we need the input of a Source greater than ourselves.

 Then the Mind learns to select Truth as the information to gauge if the circumstances match the Word.  We are not to “empty the Mind” or throw the Mind away.  It helps you to know about Father God’s kingdom and if what you receive, through your human spirit, fits with His design.

In our next post in this total Wholeness Blog, we shall look at the Will, the part of our personality that carries out the decisions made by the majority or the strongest members of the BR. 

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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