3/1 Total Wholeness & Saying Hello to the Will!

Welcome back to our overview of the different parts to your personality in our Total Wholeness blog!  So far we have introduced the logical, rational member of the Boardroom – the Mind

The BR is constantly feeling emotions, thinking about things, sorting out different views and making decisions.  This is the Boardroom member of our personality that carries out the decisions made by the whole personality – or at least by the strongest members.  It can either be a ‘control freak’ needing to know everything before it acts or ….crushed, broken and without ‘the will to do anything’.  The will is a ‘Doer’ in your personality.

The will can also be ‘stuck’ if it doesn’t know enough about how to do something.  A realistic knowledge of how easy or hard the job will be affects growth.  Our Motivations are always behind the Will’s actions.  A wide range of motives directs every decision. 

Our childhood influences your will.  Although the will appears to be neutral, it can be crippled by childhood trauma, often around 2 years of age and then during the teen years.  If this is the case, we then need to help the will be healed and take up a new role in the boardroom.

Some of this journey begins when we challenge the Will to stop procrastinating.  By stating issues as resolvable, we can move beyond faulty ways of looking at things.  We begin to see that our defences have kept us from growth. 

If we have learned to submit our will to those in Godly authority over us, it will be easier for the will to submit to God’s will.  If we have tasted the love of parents in our childhood, it makes it easier for God’s love to sink in – and to learn to love ourselves as Father God intended.  For some, this is an important area to work on.


If you could put the Will in a chair and talk to it, the Will would probably say:

“Why blame me?  I’m just following orders!  Some of these orders come from the heart – which by the way is still broken and oh so very hard.  I’ve joined with others to try and protect the heart.  I’ve even helped build a wall or two around the hurt and disappointment that’s there. 

How can I sort out this mess?  It’s not my job but the mind keeps leaning on me to do something.  I’d love to be free of the expectations that if I do act, things will be better….it won’t happen!   …but I’ve got to….I must…keep going as the Conscience is yelling at me now….”


Everyone needs change in their Boardrooms.  Some members, or maybe the whole BR, will choose not to change.  Then inertia happens and the person remains stuck and unable to change.  If this is happening, the Will is then unhealthy and presents with deeper problems of its own.  An unhealthy Will wants instant results and has problems listening to the real needs of the BR.  It is often incapable of seeing other methods or is rigid in its approach. 

However, the Will’s new job is to become the Executive Secretary for the BR.  The journey for change is a continuous one but as the Will pointed out, the journey must involve the heart’s commitment for healthy growth and success. 

In our next post for Total Wholeness, we will present an overview and introduction to the Human Spirit, its role in your personality and how to restore your spirit to the place Creator God planned for us from the beginnings of creation.  So join us for that presentation,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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