3/8 Bringing your Will to Face your Creator

Total Wholeness involves investigating the place of your Will.  During this series, we have seen that our Will can be in different conditions, or even lacking the motivation to try and try again.

With a ‘crushed Will’ we feel lost and hopeless.  If the Will is following the broken part of our personality, we often just go round and round the same old habit patterns and failure is the result.  Knowing this about the Will we can understand why some people are just plain ‘stuck’. 

However true this may be, we went on to look at a basic low of behaviour – people who what works for them.  This is called a Payoff’.  So even people who are ‘stuck’ have some sort of Payoff that keeps them in the place of ‘stuckness’.

After this part of the journey with this Second member of our personality, our ‘Boardroom’ we laid out some ideas about Motivation, the getting unstuck process.  We even gave you a Personal Worksheet so you could see the condition of your own Will.



1.  Who does your Will chose to follow?

After sorting out some of the info about the Will, we are left with the Question – ‘So who is your Will choosing to follow?’  You can see life all around us – we all follow something or someone.

The list is endless: follow sports and sports heroes, getting in shape with diet and exercise, wealth and power, our job and boss, that new house or car, sex, movies, TV, video games, and so on and on.

Those of us who are true Jesus Followers, know how important it is to sort out this basic, life-changing question.  What you put your life resources into will determine your future, both on this Earth but also beyond.

2.  Drift or Choice?

We have already laid how easy it is for the Will to just drift through life, following the mind or the conscience, or sometimes the emotions.  Days, weeks and  months slide by, wither at school or at work, life passes us by.  Our days are numbered but it is easy to waste these precious days in doing little or nothing other than satisfy that chocolate craving or watching TV….or putting in the hours to get the pay check to spend on…..

You only have one go at this life, for this day or for this moment.  Once it’s gone, it really gone.  All you have is this moment and then it passes into history.  What you do with this moment is what counts.



1.  Whoever is the Strongest will rule?

Since the Will strives to keep the strongest members of your personality, your Boardroom, in power, we need to analyse the cycles involved.  As we have already said, the Will can suppress the demands of some BR members, or be compliant, or even rebellious.  The Will can itself be crippled.  Change comes when we desire to establish Godly habits.

    2.   Change begins when we help the BR to acknowledge its own responsibility.

We need to involve the Lord, analyse problems and see opportunities for change.  Then explore the consequences of where the BR is at and add more positive behaviours.

3.  Challenge the will to act.

By stating issues as solvable, we can move beyond faulty ways of looking at things.  We begin to see that even our defences have kept us from growth.



1.   Guidance in Childhood is essential

“Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.  Guidance as a child is essential.  If we have learned to submit our will to those in Godly authority over us, it will be easier for the will to submit to God’s will.

2.  The way our parents treated us sets standards to the way we treat ourselves.

If we have tasted the love of parents in our childhood, it makes it easier for God’s love to sink in – and to learn to love ourselves as Father intended.  For some, this is an important area to work on.

3.  Father God must sometimes expose our pride to change our will.

Sometimes, it is our independent ‘I can do it!’ attitude that keeps us stuck and lost in the old habits.  Then our loving Creator has to expose this barrier to our growth.  He loves us too much to keep all that unresolved, independent pride hidden and driving us toward ultimate failure.  The question comes then, Will we lead to God of all Creation show us our true condition so He can come and heal us?


1.  Everyone needs change in their Boardrooms.

Some members, or maybe the whole BR, will choose not to change.  When the BR is restored to work on wholeness under the direction of your spirit and the Holy Spirit, you’ll find a renewed, helpful will.  Its new job is being the Executive Secretary for your spirit and the Holy Spirit.  The journey for change is a continuous one but it must involve the heart’s commitment for healthy growth and success.

2.  It comes down to the question of ‘Surrender’

We all have surrender to something or someone, whether for our health or a destructive force in our life.  We’ve listed some of those things in the above section.  The Creator calls these ‘idols’ as what we surrender to is what we allow to control us.  What we are emotionally linked to will control us.

3.  Sometime in our life, we need to make a deliberate choice to live the best life we can.

This needs to involve a transition from the old habit patterns, or ‘the old nature’ into the new nature the Bible talks about.  This can only happen when we surrender our Will to our Creator ad accept His way of seeing and doing things.

If you have never done this, that is a big piece missing from your journey of life and the puzzle pieces of your personality.  As you have followed this blog, if you feel ‘convicted’ – not condemned – please find someone and make this commitment today.  This is the most important decision you will ever make to become a Jesus Follower!

Just as we have found with the heart, the mind, the Will must also make a transition from the old nature to the new nature.  Under the old nature, the will is influenced by pride, rebellion and self-centredness.  So, again the question becomes:  “What is the will attached to and why?”

We begin by sorting out where the Will is now.  What is the BR’s commitment to change or even to explore the possibility of change?  “How willing is my Will to be willing?  How much does my Will want to change?”

Avoid the struggle of the Will set against the BR.  We can’t use coercion or the Will fights back as a way of stopping change.  This causes resentment, resulting in rebellion in your heart.  Avoid manipulation and learn to work with your Will.



1.  It might surprise you but it is your human spirit and the Holy Spirit of the Creator that you are designed to follow.

The spirit’s job is to challenge the Will to function for the best of the BR, rather than just for the most dominant member or members.  This means helping the Will change alliances – to the spirit and Jesus.

2.  This actually introduces the Third member in your Personality, in your boardroom!  In our next post we shall discuss what the spirit is and how we can nurture and call our spirit into the place it was meant to have in the Boardroom.

So join us for the Third member of your Personality, your human spirit!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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