3/9 A Personal Reminder for your Will

Before we begin with the next member of your personality in the spotlight, your human spirit, I wanted to include a reminder to your Will.  After every member, we will aim to have such a statement for you to read.

Print off a copy and put it where you can read it often so your Will can pick up on the purpose of life!


“Hello Will!  You are meant to be part of my life so please listen to what we need to have a healthy, whole life.  You are important, Will to my whole being because you are the main one to bring action to our system.

“Therefore, Will please know that not only are you important but that you are to be blessed and grow strong in the purpose for which you were made.  You are not alone nor are you meant to function on your own ‘will-power’.

“Your Creator brought you into existence for the good of our whole being.  So, Will my spirit and the Holy Spirit of your Creator, call you into wholeness and health.  May you know the voice of your Creator and follow His path rather than be sidetracked or misled by so many other voices in this world.  

“Even though we do not see the end or the beginning of life, please know Will that you rest in the hands of the One who plans to bless and grow you into His ways.

“Will, I pronounce health for you so that you can grow out of whatever unhealthy state you may find around you.  Will, you are to work for the good of the whole personality, helping every part of us to become more aliened with the image of our Creator and Jesus, His representative in this world. 

Whatever you have gone through, Will we can learn and grow through rather than be crushed and hopeless.  I ask this of you Will, to stretch and follow the path the spirit and the Holy Spirit lay out for us….for this is where we will find life!

“Thank you Will, for the times when you where steadfast for the best for us.  Thank you for helping to build a better life but now we know that the wholeness you need and seek can only be found in our Creator and His love for us. 

“Continue, precious Will to seek and follow that path for the good of all our personality.”

As you pronounce and repeat these statements over your Will, I am sure you will notice a change in how your Will functions and what it reaches for in your world.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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