4/1 Total Wholeness & Finding the Human Spirit

We continue to give you a brief introduction to the 7 members of your personality using a Boardroom concept.   So far we have presented the Mind and the Will.  In this post, we want to show you one of the most essential parts – the real you, your Human Spirit.  This is the third members we are presenting but perhaps more importantly, the one member who needs more assistance and encouragement that all the others.  Our spirit was designed to worship but also to lead in your search for truth.  However, most people will have trouble identifying or even finding their spirit in their BR.  So…why is that?

The human spirit can be defined as the fundamental, intangible life force or principle of life that animates the physical body.  It is that part of us that will live forever, Matthew 25:41, 46, Galatians 6:8.  It was given by God and will return to God upon the body’s physical death, Ecclesiastes 12:7.

The real you is your spirit.  Light by nature, the spirit is not at all religious or morbid as the other BR members believe.  Your spirit lives in a body and you have a ‘soul’ – the mind, conscience, emotions – to help you live in this physical dimension. 

So what are the purposes of your Human Spirit? 

 1.   First and foremost, our spirit enables us to worship something, hopefully for your own health, it is Creator God.

2.  We hear from and communicate with God by our personal spirit.  His Spirit communicates with your spirit. 

3.  Your spirit encourages you to have a hope for the future, to get beyond the unresolved hurts of the past and the present. 

4.  Our spirit helps us to relate to others. 

5.  It helps create and enjoy the God-given ‘glory’ of the marital sexual union. 

6.  Our personal spirit helps to keep the body alive and functioning.  This includes giving‘buoyancy’ to the immune system. 

7.  Our spirit works with our conscience in converting the lessons of life into our character. 

8.  The spirit is designed to filter, to discern, and to understand truth at a deeper level. 

9.  The spirit gives an outlet for the creative nature within us. 

10.  The spirit makes contact with the spiritual dimension, both the demonic and with God.

The spirit must be touched by God to be reconnect to our Creator.  It must be grown, disciplined and allowed to lead in the Boardroom.  Our spirit is fed by exposure to the Word and by the “rhema” of the Holy Spirit, as well as by worship music, good books, the beauty in nature and even by laughter.

Often the spirit has abdicated its authority in our personality structure.  Since your spirit manifests itself in every part of your body, stresses, sickness and physical ailments can also give us clues as to the condition of your spirit. 


So if you could take your spirit and talk with it, this is possibly what it would say:

“Who me?  I don’t even want to get involved with this mess!  It’s dark in this Boardroom and that whole group out there has crushed me!  I’m off on my own path now…pretending the mess in the BR isn’t happening.  I’m letting them all go off on their own merry way. 

“I’d rather go shopping, or to my beach house or to read more about Bobby Zake, my latest movie star….or maybe I’ll spend some of the mind’s mental energy on my latest spirit guide’s adventures.  Then there’s always Yoga Vetta or …..”


As you can see one of the main purposes for the Human Spirit is to worship something.  If Creator God is not in His rightful place, the spirit will find others things, people or imaginary friends to worship.  Our personal spirit is an essential part of our whole being.  By learning how the human spirit functions in its walk with God, we can grow further into Total Wholeness. 

Our next introduction will feature the Conscience, the moral guardian or supreme bully in the BR.  This is the fifth member of your personality and usually, one of the strongest players in either health or dysfunction.  So join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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