4/11 Total Wholeness Case Study, Jasmine Session 2

As we stated in the first session with Jasmine, some people will ask “What is the purpose our ‘Boardroom’ and how can we use this concept?  Sure it is interesting to see the seven different parts, but so what?”


Please remember that all our stories are based on a variety of people; there is no one person described in our story that anyone would know!

1.  Jasmine had a heart’s desire since childhood – to be a doctor. 

She was working her way up the career chain – although her secret desire had to take second place.  She found a new job but was deeply disappointed when the interview didn’t go her way and she didn’t get the job.

She went into a major ‘slump’, even questioning everything she had learned and believed about herself to date.  Sleep seemed the only answer, except taking a larger dose of her meds.  We pick up the case study at this point.


Perhaps it will help to begin with a quick review of where each of the ‘parts’ of Jasmine’s personality are already relating.  See if you can identify each part as we go and the place they play in her world.

1.  So where is her mind? 

That logical, rational part of Jasmine had given its best shot to finding that new job. She was now being drained by the ‘should have’s, the could have’s and so on’ from the conscience.

2.  Then her will?

To begin with, the will had put all its strength into this new possibility, with resumes, references and interviews.  Now, it had also lost motivation to get up and try again.

3.  How about her emotions?

Clearly she was excited with the new possibilities!  Her hopes were very high and happy at the prospect of a new job.  Then she began to crash when the job was not offered to her.  The downward slide continued as she allowed negative self-talk to go round and round until she was weary of life.  She was being pulled in so many directions.

4.  Closely followed by how her conscience felt?

The decision to go for the job was not based on a right or wrong idea but on a ‘career path’ she was looking for.  This had been THE way!  Why had it not happened?  What has she done wrong?  So conscience was battling and screaming at the injustice of it all!

5.  What about her heart’s desire?

She had dreamed of being a doctor and secretly resented those who had tested her and found she could not continue into this dream.  Locked deep inside was bitterness and deep resentment, self-sabatogue and even self- hatred….all for an impossible dream.

6.  Then what part has her spirit placed in this case?

Because Jasmine was only beginning her journey with the Holy Spirit, so where was her spirit?  She didn’t know.  She felt out of relationship with her husband, little joy or even peace where she was now.  She had found lots of things to keep her occupied at University, especially her New Age roommate.

7.  …and finally, how has her body reacted with her situation?

Jasmine now faced burnout and lack of motivation as so was thinking about more medications.  The effect this would have on her whole digestive system had been a problem in the past, plus the weight gain and feeling ‘lost in a fog’.  Her body was beginning to react more and more to the stress she was feeling, without a healthy outlet.

8.  …but don’t forgive about her Creator

Jasmine had made a commitment to following Jesus at a fourth grade Girls’ Guide camp but had done very little with the emotional experience.


As we explored her Boardroom, she was amazed at what the Lord showed her.  It was a scene literally out of a battleground!  The room was dark with all the curtains drawn, yet light streamed from several sources.

Chairs were tossed around the room….and standing on the big table, surrounded by all the other shouting, yelling members of her personality, were her conscience and her mind.  Blood-thirsty vows and hurtful remarks were being hurled at the mind for not doing the best that it could at the job interview.

Emotions were scattered and hiding everywhere she looked, mainly fear, anxiety and sadness leading the charge against the conscience.  Her body was on the floor and out for the last count.  Many of the emotions were beating the body and trying to make it move and get back to work.  Will was giving the body its own kick and shove, all to no avail.  Heart?  ….was just starting out in space, wishing for its first desire, to become a doctor.

Then her spirit… that took some looking for.  Finally she spotted it – sitting behind the door, not wanting to get involved with the mess but mesmerised with something in the spirit distance.  The Lord Jesus was standing in the deep shadows, just watching and waiting for heart to turn to Him for some help.  At one time, He had been invited into the heart.

So…how are we going to help Jasmine sort out this ‘mess’?  Come on back for our post on ‘How does the Spirit Influence the whole Boardroom for Total Wholeness’,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

P.S. Please remember that all our stories are based on a variety of people; there is no one person described in our story that anyone would know



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