4/13 Your Spirit influence on your Whole Personality for Total Wholeness

Welcome back to this post!  We have been working this the topic of the Human Spirit for several posts now.  Hopefully you have a good idea of how important your spirit is and how to help yourself toward more and more Total Wholeness by practicing the information we have presented.

In this post, we want to see how our Human Spirit influences your whole personality, or the ‘Boardroom’ in handling life’s problems.


Welcome back to our discussion on the Human Spirit, what it is and what it is designed by our Creator to do.  In our last post, we discussed how both the spirit and heart must be combined for that ‘born again’ experience to happen.

In fact it is very easy for someone to be touched at a heart level but to only  keep that walk with Jesus to a very surface level.  We will talk more about this when we do our series on ‘Hearing your Heart’.

In this post, we want to look at how the human spirit relates the other parts of your personality.  Since your spirit and the Holy Spirit are meant to be in control of your ‘Boardroom’, how does the ‘get-it-done’ mind feel about this?  …or the right and wrong beliefs of the Conscience interact with your spirit?

In beginning this series on your Personality and Total Wholeness, we laid out the seven parts of your personality in what we have called ‘the Board room setting’.


Light by nature, the spirit is not at all religious or morbid as the other parts of your personality might believe.  Your spirit is different to emotions and logic.  By learning to spot and reinforce your Spirit and the Holy Spirit bonding, you will get to know the real you quicker.

From verses in the Bible, we found that our ageless spirit can be in different conditions, such as: crushed, bitter, broken, proud, joyful, troubled, imprisoned, threatened, thriving or starved, expanded or falling asleep and so on.  Traumas from conception onward will affect the spirit.

Some of the information we have about the spirit comes from the work done by John and Paula Sandford.  Their research shows a connection between the awareness and health of our spirit and the nurturing conditions of our childhood.  The lack of either mother or father in our lives deeply affects our personal spirit.  Certainly, these beginnings influence our thinking and awareness of our present world.


To be in Total Health, your spirit must be nurtured by God.  It must be grown, disciplined and allowed to lead in your personal world, in your the Boardroom.  Our spirit is fed by exposure to the Word and by the “rhemas” of the Holy Spirit, as well as by worship music, good books, the beauty in nature and even by laughter.

Often the spirit has abdicated its authority in the boardroom.  It is important to know your personal spirit’s rightful authority to have dominion – not domination – in God. Adam abdicated and gave his spiritual authority to whom? and whom?

1.  Your personal spirit is the only member of your personality, your Boardroom, who (in God) can obtain and sustain peace, truth and harmony with all other members.

Your spirit with the Holy Spirit will have just the right touch of firmness.  The other BR members often use condemnation and/or domination to maintain control.  However, we must learn to allow your personal spirit and the Holy Spirit to exert dominion rather than domination.  The mind is actually glad to be free of pressure and worry, once it learns to trust the Holy Spirit and the spirit’s rightful reign.

2.  You must encourage your Boardroom members to “gain respect” for your spirit. 

Your spirit may be weak from not being used.  However, the key to the spirit being transformed is to choose to follow Jesus.

3.  Work through traumas and “stuck points” to bring the healing that your spirit might need.

 The spirit’s touch is light, life giving and unhurried.  By checking ‘the Boardroom’ for your spirit’s reaction, you can spot unrest, rebellion and false security.  If your spirit is not worried and knows God’s peace, join the peace.  Remember our Case Study with Jasmine?  We will continue to see how she found the answers and the peace to resolve her problem.

4.  Since your spirit manifests itself in every part of your body, stresses, sickness and physical ailments can also give us clues as to the condition of your spirit.

Our personal spirit is an essential part of our whole being.  By learning how the human spirit functions in its walk with God, we can grow further.

In our next post, we will wrap up this part of our series on the 7 parts of your personality and go onto the next member of the Boardroom: our Conscience!  So join us for the next part in our series on learning how to achieve Total Wholeness,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

P.S.  What condition would you say your spirit is in?  Ask the Lord Jesus how He sees your personal spirit.  Has your Boardroom given your spirit the ‘right to rule’?  What prevents this?  Do you need a restoration session with your spirit, the Lord Jesus and the rest of the BR?



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