4/14 Guest post – Some thoughts on the Human Spirit

Recently we received a post from a reader called ‘Some random Thoughts about the Human Spirit’ and I thought you might like to hear from this reader.


Hello Susanne, I wanted to respond to your series on the Human Spirit with some thought of my own.  I value your input into my own thinking and research on this topic.  So ……

1.  There is the passage in Hebrews 4:12 which says the Word of God is so sharp that it can even separate soul from spirit. This implies two things. First, they are definitely different, and second, it is very difficult to completely separate the two by mere definition.

2.  I do not believe that spirit is a physical thing in any sense of the word. I cannot prove the existence of spirit by any conceivable experiment, at least I assume it cannot be done, the work of ghost busters notwithstanding.

My belief in and definition of spirit is based on the inspiration and authority of the Bible alone. I believe that the existence of a spiritual reality is obvious outside of scripture, but my definition is to be found solely in scripture, not my opinion, based on my own religious/spiritual experiences.

3.  It is in our spiritual nature that we are like God. John 4:24 says that God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth.  A spirit is identified as somehow associated with a person, but not all spirits are human. The Bible often calls a person a spirit. In that  sense, the spirit of a person is the essence of that person. 1 Sam 16:23 “……and the evil spirit left him”. 1 Kings 22:21. Finally, ‘”…a spirit came  forward…” in Mk 9:20 “When the spirit saw Jesus, it……” 1 Peter 3:19, Jesus preached to the spirits in prison who disobeyed God.

4. While a human being is alive, their spirit is somehow constrained or localized to a body, but the spirit lives on after the body dies. At that time, the spirit is no longer tied to the body, 1 Peter 3:19 again. I assume that these are human spirits who are no longer physically embodied. Ecc 12:7 “….the spirit returns to the God who gave it.” Acts 7:59 “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.”  In Luke 8:55 “….her spirit returned”.

5. From God’s perspective, a human body without its spirit is dead, James 2:26. This implies that when we die, the body is dead because the spirit has departed.  The physical body’s source of life is the spirit.

6. One’s spirit is effected by emotions (but it is not the emotions themselves, unlike the soul) John 13:21 says “Jesus was troubled in spirit…..” John 11:33 he was deeply moved in spirit. Daniel 7:15 “……I, Daniel, was troubled in spirit. Psalm 51:12,17 speaks of …..a willing spirit? ……a broken spirit?

7. The human spirit is in some ways similar to and responds to the Holy Spirit and to God in general (because God is Spirit). Romans 8:16 “The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit.”

8. In our human spirit we have a true picture of our identity, or our real heart before God. It shapes our personality and nature, gifting and temperament. It is the precious core of who I am and who I am becoming.

9.  There are numerous contemporary references to the African slavery question in my research.  I am amazed at the ability of a person or a people to overcome horrific adversity. This is the stuff of “triumph of the human spirit.”

But there are many other examples as well: survivors of the holocaust, those who overcome ravaging disease, astonishing feats in sports, or anything involving liberation. The triumph of the human spirit involves overcoming adversity against all odds

Thanks for the space to view some of my opinions on the subject of the Human Spirit.  I continue to enjoy your posts and look forward to the next series.”


My thanks to this writer.  Please remember that I do welcome comments and posts from my readers, even articles and websites that they have found helpful,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author






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