4/16 Summary of our series on the Human Spirit and Total Wholeness

Welcome back to our Summary on the Human Spirit.  Hopefully so far you have some idea of what we have been sharing on ‘The Boardroom’ and what we mean by the concept.  Our whole personality – all 7 parts of us – function together in some way, either in random, independent chaos or with some kind of order and harmony. 

Learning what’s going on in the inside is part of the journey to finding this harmony.  This has been the whole purpose of this blog – to gain Total Wholeness by finding a sense of all of our ‘parts’.

Do you remember what we discussed as the seven parts?

So far, we have covered (1) how the Mind functions and the job it is meant to do.  Next we went onto (2) the Will, its conditions and what stops us from having a healthy Will.

In our most recent series, we ventured into the somewhat unknown area of the (3) Human Spirit.  We talked about its purposes, where it domes from and the many possible conditions the spirit might be in for your considerations.  Each of these topics had some practical, personal worksheet attached and a ‘Prayer’ or ‘Positive Statement’ for you to use.

From this point in your journey toward Total Wholeness we want to explain the (4) Human Conscience and the role it place in your world.  Since our Conscience, our sense of right and wrong, can be conditioned, we need to right to best role for this part of our Boardroom.

For most people, we shall see that the Conscience can be ‘the bully’ that tries to constantly bring us back to what it believes to be right and true.  However, as we shall see this isn’t always the case.

From there, we plan on launching into the huge topic of (5) the ‘Heart’, what we mean by this term and again, the different conditions of the Heart.  We will use the Biblical concept of the Heart, the ‘wellspring of all things’.

(6) Emotions are next, one of the most repressed and misunderstood member of your Boardroom.  How to see them as helpful rather than the enemy is most people’s journey.

Some form of (7) your Body is represented on your Boardroom, with all its pleasures, complaints, pressures and goals.

…but wait, there is an eight Member, waiting patiently in the background for those of us who claim to be Jesus Followers.  (8)  The Lord Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit’s presence is there as our Helper, Guide and the only Answer to the whole Boardroom’s issues!  How much and on what issues we ‘allow’ His help is part of the Boardroom’s unity and decision.

So that’s the 7, or even the 8 parts of the team that are in the Boardroom.  Each member influences the decisions, the thoughts and the goals for your whole life.  So is an understanding of your Boardroom important…..without a hesitation, YES!

So back to our review of your Human Spirit.  We define the Human Spirit that part of us that lives forever, that came from our Creator and will return to Him when the body dies.  We saw that our Spirit can be in different conditions: crushed, broken, sad, chained and in the dungeon, or what is most often, hiding from the ‘Mess! in the Boardroom.  So this part of the journey to Total Wholeness is to bring your Spirit to met the Holy Spirit and to joint rule to sort out that ‘Mess’ using His methods.

Even those the main purpose of our Spirit is to worship and find meaning in life, because of the decisions of Adam and Eve so long ago, our Spirit has been ‘disconnected’ from the Creator, often worshipping something or someone else.

Since our Spirit influences our whole personality, again it is important to ‘reconnect’ with the Creator, along with our ‘Heart’.  When th4e Holy Spirit touches our life, this is called ‘born again’.

To help you sort out what is happening with your Spirit, we included two Personal Worksheets:  ’40 Ways to Increase your Spiritual Awareness’ and ‘Your Spiritual Sensitivity‘.  Even began our Case Study, using Jasmine and her disappointment in her career as a basis for seeing that the Boardroom is something that is practical and can be used in everyday life.  Remember, it is sorting out what is happening within us, with these 7 ‘parts’ of our personality that can help on this journey to reach Total Wholeness!

So do join us for the next ‘part’ of your personality, the Human Conscience to continue your journey,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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