4/4 40 ways to Increase your Spiritual Awareness for Total Wholeness

The following are 40 quick and easy ways to increase your spiritual awareness:

We need to make the effort to find our where our spirit is and how healthy we are.  Remember the Bible Verse: If you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you Find a special journal, exercise book or writing pad to keep track of what you discover about yourself.

1. Catch a line from a favourite song, write it out and say it ten times a day for one week.

2. Play through your CD’s, tapes, ets and find three songs to write out in a special script, frame it and keep it handy for you to read.

3. Spend 5 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning, thanking God for 10 things/people.

4. Find a special verse that ‘speaks’ to you and put it onto your computer with a special font. Print it out and frame it or tape it to your mirror.

5. Read the book of John in another Translation, such as The Message.

6. Find and express to God or others 5 good things about your day.

7. Take a ’10 minute holiday’ every day as a break from work, business or a space for yourself and God.

8. Memorise one verse a day from Psalms 19.

9. Spend 10 minutes every day to write out what you think the Lord is saying to you.

10. Pray and ask God to bring one stranger to Himself everyday.

11. Give an anonymous (small) gift to someone at work, church or in your family.

12. Take time on your way to do the shopping and notice the changes in the weather. See God’s imagination and creation in a new way.

13. Use the time in your shower/bath to spend 5 to 10 minutes singing to Him 3 times a week.

14. Practice being thankful for 5 blessings in your life every day.

15. Pray for one of your friends that they might know His love and blessings more and more.

16. Think of and DO one act of kindness everyday. Sometimes these are spontaneous acts.

17. Find and read a good Christian book cover to cover. Make notes on what relates to you.

18. Write out a great Bible verse and stick it to your mirror.

19. Find some inspiration verses, poems or sayings. Type these out in a unique front on your computer. Print it off and tape it to the back of your toilet door.

20. Smile More!

21. Find a great – clean – joke and share it at least twice a day.

22. Stop and be aware of the messages your body is sending you. If your body needs help, get help!

23. Do a study, Bible or otherwise, to find out what Jesus means by ‘spirit’. We have a Guest Post coming on that topic!

24. Include a short devotional reading into your schedule – morning, lunch or at night. Something like ‘Everday with Jesus’.

25. Explore and find a favorite fruit and thank God for His creativeness in make this fruit.

26. Speak out your appreciate of one person each week.

27. Get in touch with and write down one undiscovered emotion each week. Remember emotions are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’; it’s what we do with them that makes the difference.

28. Purposely look for the style of worship music you enjoy. Play it often!

29. Stop and smell the roses around you – that means you have to find them first.

30. Try to find and purposely include friends who are seeking to grow in God.

31. Deal with unresolved issues from the past with God’s help and His principles. Get help if needed!

32. Find out how your Creator sees you and get in line with His loving thoughts about you.

33. Practice being still in God’s presence more.

34. Try to read through the Bible in one years, about 3 or 4 chapters a day. Reward yourself when you accomplish the mission.

35. Learn more about your own love language and how you communicate with God.

36. Sit quietly and let the Lord talk to you through pictures or that still, quiet voice. Write it down.

37. Watch what you ‘feed’ your spirit, your body and your mind each day.

38. Take one word – like rejoice, blessing, healing, etc. – and meditate on the word for one week. Allow the Lord to talk to you about the word.

39. Learn what your authority is in the Lord Jesus’ work – His life, death, resurrection and being at the right hand of the Father. Again, we have a post coming on that topic!

40. Learn to catch the lies the enemy speaks into your mind and determine not to ‘feed’ the lies.

 I trust this has given you some food for thought. I guarantee if you even pick up and practice 5 of these a month, your life will be changed!

God’s blessings, Susanne Fengler, blog editor




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