4/7 The Conditions of the Human Spirit and Total Wholeness

The dynamic power of the human spirit may be activated by adversity.

Assisting the patient to get in touch with the human spirit can mobilize the forces of healing.  From birth, each of us has a unique spirit; when free and unfettered, it guides our choices and actions in life.

However, the human spirit can become constrained, intimidated or abused. It can become blocked, stymied or crushed. When health professionals encounter such states, they have a duty to provide the proper spiritual comfort or call in other professionals to help, or both.


Can you image what it would have been like, to walk and talk with the Creator of life in the Garden of Eden?  …to know the mysteries of the stars and the oceans, to hear the angels speaking about love and grace?

…but then, the temptation came and Eve gave the fruit to her husband ‘…who was there with her…’!  Adam knowingly turned from this loving Creator to …..

1. They broke their spirit to Spirit connection

The human spirit did not ‘cease to exist’ but was now broken in its connection to the Creator.  Every since that time, we humans have sought to ‘plug our spirit into something’ since one of the functions of the spirit is to know truth.

2.  The human spirit is still alive but looking for strength, inspiriation and worship elsewhere

In our following post, we shall talk about the functions of the spirit but until then, the most common, basic condition of our spirit is broken and damaged from conception, birth and onwards.

Worship shifted from the Creator to the world around, to things and objects made with human hands.  In the Old Testament times, wooden and stone objects represented spiritual and demonic elements.


1.  The baby is ‘infected by the human nature’ even before birth.

As we mentioned in our last post, the foetus’ spirit is touched even before birth.  We arrive into this world already damaged.  For many people, even the trauma of their birth is not recognised.

Imagine the world of the foetus – warm, hearing Mother’s heartbeat, yes snug as the baby has grown, feed and all needs taken care of.   Then, with the terrible shaking of the womb, the baby is forced (for some gladly released) into a noisy, bright, cool room.

Here it is touched for the first time.  Often the baby is pulled out and lifted with a smack on the bottom to help breathing begin.  The shock of this new world often leaves the baby traumatised Irregardless of whether the baby was rejected or loved.

2.  Life began with the Creator

As we mentioned in our previous post, I deeply believe that all life began with the Creator, our spirit was with Him before this Earthly existence.  When we entered the uniting of the egg and sperm, our spirit was pure and connected with Him.

3.  Contamination began in the Womb

We are born into this world with our spirit and heart touched by the actions of Adam and Eve, our previous generations and our own ‘life script’ self-talk.  So our spirit looks like this as we progress in the womb.                            ———– >

If parents reject the baby before it’s born, injury can also happen to the spirit.

4.  A broken, damaged spirit will reflect in the natural life as a broken damaged person.

Other damage happens during our childhood, teen years and on into adulthood.  Whenever we experience trauma, our spirit is touched.  That’s why we need the Great Counsellor, the Holy Spirit to help us in living a healthy life!

The importance of a healthy spirit cannot be underestimated.  Our whole mental and emotional foundations of life are influenced by our spirit.


We can find very few books or stories about the condition of the human spirit.  The main reference source we are using is the Bible.  The following are a list of some of the most common conditions:

* A stubborn spirit – unwilling to listen or blend with another’s viewpoint, Deuteronomy 2:10

* A broken spirit, Psalms 51:17, Proverbs 15:13, 16:13

* A Troubled spirit, John 13:21

* A Lowly, Contrite spirit, Isaiah 57:15

* A Gentle spirit, 1 Peter 3:4

* An Inquiring spirit, Psalms 77:6

* A Willing Spirit, Psalms 51:12

Sometimes that’s part of the challenge of being a Jesus Follower, to find and bring our spirit into the light of our Creator.  He is the only One who can bring lasting healing!  All other sources are only a temporary bandaid fix – and I speak from being a counsellor for over 25 years.

In doing this search with others, we have found spirit caught in webs of deception, chained in caves and cages, totally absorbed in idolatry of all sorts, broken and crushed spirits who had little energy to even find help.  If you find these words ‘touch your spirit’, I encourage you to get help to find out what condition your spirit is in!


There is plenty of Biblical basis for knowing that when He touches our life, we are given a new ‘heart’ and a new spirit, Ezekiel 36:36.  At that point both the heart and spirit must know His touch to be ‘born again’ John 3:6.

1.  He Changes us at a Heart and Spirit Level.

*  He can stir our spirit up, Jeremiah 51:1, Haggai 1:14

* He searches our heart and spirit, Proverbs 20:27

* He testifies with our spirit that we belong with Him, Romans 8:16

2.  Our Spirit is rekindled, reconnected and revitalised by the Holy Spirit

We can know give our spirit the authority to be united with our Creator, to know His love and leading – but that is part of our choice.

*  Our spirit can now follow God, Numbers 14:24 – or it can follow itself, Ezekiel 13:3

* Our spirit can learn to worship, John 4:24 when it is connected to the Holy Spirit

3.  Our Spirit and the Holy Spirit become our Guiding Force.

When our spirit and the Holy Spirit become united and healthy begin to flow to whatever condition our spirit was in, we take on a new life, a new birth.  In fact, it is our spirit and the Holy Spirit that are meant to guide, direct and heal our whole being.

Someday, our spirit will return to the One who gave it to us.  Will you be ready to give an account of how you used this most precious of gifts – your human spirit?

In our next post, we will venture into the debate on what it means to be ‘born again’.  Is it just an emotional experience that fades with the pressures of life?  If so then, your spirit has been ‘planted’ in the wrong soil.  So join us as we discuss how the heart and the spirit must be touched for this experience to happen.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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