4/8 Thoughts about the Spirit and Total Wholeness – Guest Post

The following are thoughts one of our readers shared with us so I thought I would put them into a Guest post.  So let me present Douglas Johnson’s Comments on the Human Spirit for our Total Wholeness Blog.


The true human spirit is a tiny fragment of God’s energy, given as a gift of great potential. It is composed of pure God-like spiritual energy, which is unlike any other form of energy. We have great freedom with what we do with our ‘spirit’ during our life time.  This gift of life has been given by a Creator for our good and for the good of others – we will allow it to be!

It is creative and every human has his own spirit. This spirit within records all of his thoughts, words and actions that take place in a person’s life.

If we have learned to pay attention, our spirit can inform us as to whether our thoughts are correct or false. Wisdom is a distinguishing feature of God that inhabits the human spirit.

The Kingdom of Heaven, the highest spiritual realm, is what the spirit yearns for, as well as truth, knowledge, wisdom, love, consciousness, existence, joy, eternal life, the permanent peace, the spiritual wealth that never fades and lasts forever.

The Kingdom of God holds wonders over wonders. The visible Universe with which the human deals, is but a tiny spot within this wonderful, endless, spiritual intelligence of God.

We as humans are connected to our Creator’s mighty Spirit, with this essential power of existence, with His spiritual intelligence.  Fragment of this intelligence and therefore a fragment of God dwells within, and enlivens the human.

The spirit, the source of all endless, creative development, is itself the human’s innermost being. God sees the human as a bearer of a created spirit, the potential to walk in His path and follow His guidance.

As often as the word spirit and the word God, is impressed upon us, there occurs within us psychological changes of the greatest importance. Our feelings and all of our senses change as we see clearer and clearer who God is. The clearer our spiritual intelligence becomes through the thoughts created by these words, the more our personality changes and gains power, and the more blessed will be our life.

Every human bears within him the entire kingdom of the spirit, but it is often covered and beaten down with ignorance, errors, imperfections, evil, mistakes and restrictions of all sorts.  These have to be changed into their opposites through the recognition and acceptance of truth….but that’s why Jesus’ mission is so important!

Generally, we identify our self with our physical body.  This identity extends our body awareness towards material possessions.  Too much emphasis on the material possessions weakens our spirit and we lose some of the connect with our Creator.

Our body entered this life with a spirit, but only your spirit will leave this life. Your physical body will remain and change into the dust it was make from – until your resurrection brings a new body. Your ‘soul’ will also enter into another level when you leave this Earth. Your spirit consist mostly of energy and intellect which is part of the Universe that was created by the Divine Creator.

Not everyone is in touch with their spirit during life on earth. Some are aware and some are in denial that they have a spirit.

Moments of great tragedy show what a person’s spirit and character are made of. These moments can change you forever and reinvigorate your commitment to your country, your neighbors, your friends, and your family. That’s the human spirit; no matter how hard it is attacked, it can persevere or be crushed.  Again we have a choice in this world.

We can either come out of this life with a burnt, bitter spirit or we can find the transference of life that comes with a sprit set on higher things, on the things that the Creator calls us into.  What is your choice?

Thanks for reading my thoughts and may they cause new growth in your spirit, Douglas Johnson.


Thanks Douglas for these comments.  I am sure as people read and think about the world of the spirit, we can see more and more truth about our Creator.  Thanks again,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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