5/1 Total Wholeness & Renewing your Conscience

This is the Fifth overview in our blog on Total Wholeness.    So far we have covered three of the main players in your Boardroom: the logical, rational Mind, the Doer called the Will and the Human Spirit, the real You!

In this post we will look at one of the most controlling and dominates members in the whole of the BR – the Conscience.  So what is it and how does it function?  Unlike a well organised Boardroom of IBN or United Airlines, most people’s BR meetings are in total disagreement ….except to give control to the most dominate member.  The main triangle of domination comes from the Mind, the Heart and the Conscience.  Why this is so and what we can do about it will be covered in this fifth category of the BR.

The conscience is found in all humans.  No matter how primitive their civilisation might be, all people have a sense of right and wrong.  God has written His laws on their heart.  Details will vary with each culture, but every person is born with an active conscience.

However, the conscience is not an infallible guide to right and wrong.  The Bible records and history shows horrible things done in “God’s name” – which He did not say to do.  At best, the conscience is a weak guide because it is subject to all kinds of outside influences and personal error.  It is an instrument that needs cleaning and adjustment.

We are not justified with God by having a clear conscience.  It may mean that we are ignorant (1 Peter 4:3).  The world seems to live this way.  They say: “I never did anybody any harm!” with a clear conscience.  What keeps people from God is not in their conscience.  We can also be ignorant of God’s ways, like the soldiers who crucified Jesus.  They were just doing their job and probably did not have a guilty conscience by killing Him.

To start our discussion, the conscience works negatively as a built-in red light when you’re doing something wrong.  Your conscience is a light that gets progressively lighter or dimmer through your obedience to it.  ….but the conscience can reach a point where it no longer operates. 

Your conscience is designed to be like a compass, pointing to what we’ve done wrong, so we can avoid doing it again.  Your conscience is influenced by your past teachings and cultural values.  The conscience can be hooked into condemnation, especially self- condemnation. 


If you could have a good chat with your Conscience, this is what it would probably say:

“Why does the Will think it’s the only one pulling everyone into line?  I’ve got my job and my orders too.  You should see the huge list of all the commandments and laws that I try to get everyone to keep.  There are rules from Mum about eating, from Dad about spitting and keeping his tools in place. 

“Then I got all those rules from my teachers and church leaders!  The teen years – wow!  I collected so much stuff then about being popular.  I know I failed and let the body smoke but it wanted to show off for that cute Blondie.

“I’m busy working overtime, trying to convince everyone of what they are doing wrong.  I wish I could rest too but this outside voice keeps nagging me and making me feel judged and condemned….”


If you’ve ever given a surprise party, you’ll know the value of a clean conscience.  One of the main benefits of Christian joy and peace is that your conscience is clear before God, before others and with yourself.  Then you’ll know the freedom of Christ that sets us free indeed.

The conscience must be renewed, just like the heart, the mind and our emotions.  The mind must help adjust the conscience in the right direction.  The conscience is a very valuable member in your BR but it too must learn that it is not to be in control of your life.  So many people, including ‘Jesus Followers’, live their live in condemnation rather than conviction of the Holy Spirit!  All the ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’, got to’s and ought to’s are the voice of your conscience.  These are often the opposite to the voice of Creator God. 

Continue with us as we face the challenge in reaching total wholeness we wish to continue exploring when we introduce the next member of the BR, the Heart.  So come join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author






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