5/10 Understand Condemnation versus conviction for Total Wholeness

We have spent almost 9 posts talking about the Conscience to this point.  We have define, dissected and tried to explain where our Conscience comes from.  We have set out the Bible perception on the Conscience and what we are NOT to follow as we live in this world.

In this post, I wish to present the difference between the Condemnation of our Conscience and the enemy ……. and the Conviction of the Holy Spirit.  Personally, I believe that if more Christians knew the difference and chose to follow Conviction, their life would be so much better!

Conviction of the Holy Spirit           Condemnation of Satan
1.  Tone   of Voice:  Gentle, loving voice of our Father, imploring, beseeching and urging our return to Him. 1. Tone of Voice: Accusing, nagging,   mocking voice, generating fear, causing confusion, projecting a sense of   rejection, ministering questions like: ‘Has God indeed said…’
2.   SPECIFIC:  The Spirit says ‘Fix this one thing, and you will be free.’  He commands you to   take one specific action!  To make a choice of will.  The conviction of the Spirit is specific to the sin.  The Spirit defends you against your over-sensitive conscience. 2.   VAGUE AND GENERAL: Satan generates a blanketing, choking sense of general guilt, as though everything is wrong and there is no one action you can take to get free.  Often a sense of complete hopelessness and weakness prevails.
3. ENCOURAGEMENT is God’s message.  He encourages you to rely on God’s power, not your own righteousness or strength. 3.   DISCOURAGEMENT Satan centres his attack on you as a person, trying to cut your self-image to ribbons.  He tells you that you are weak and not one of God’s chosen ones.
4.   MOVE ON AND RELEASE THE PAST:  is the   Spirit speaking!  The Holy Spirit tells you that your sin is forgotten – cleansed, removed, covered and put away, never to   be held against you.  (John 1:29; Psalm   102:12; 1 John 1:7,9; Psalm 51:7; Hebrews 10:17; Romans 4:8,7) 4.   REINFORCES ALL THE PAST:  Says Satan.  Satan replays the video tapes of your past memories of sin, guilt and   shame.  He draws up accounts of your   past sins, your failures and offences that God has forgotten and has placed   “under the Jesus’ blood”.
5.   ATTRACTION TO GOD: There is a pull of attraction towards God.  He   generates an expectancy of kindness, love, forgiveness, and a new beginning with God’s help.  The Holy Spirit speaks of your permanent relationship, as an honoured son of your Father, John   20:17. 5.   REJECTION AS THOUGH BY THE HOLINESS OF GOD:  Satan disguises himself as an agent of holiness!  He produces the feeling that God has rejected you as unworthy and unholy.  Satan speaks of God as your judge, and you as a miserable sinner, John 3:17.
6.   Brings POSITIVE SCRIPTURES: to your memory  (John 14:26).  He speaks of the unchanging nature of God, of His steadfast love towards us.  He confirms that God remains faithful to His covenant (1 John 1:9), even when we prove faithless for a time.  (1 John   3:20, Colossians 2:14). 6.   Brings NEGATIVE SCRIPTURES to your mind.  Shakespeare said, ‘The devil knows how to quote Scripture to his purpose!’  Satan threatens coming judgement.  He says, ‘Grace is denied because you didn’t fulfil the conditions!’  Satan uses the Law against you, to press you to justify yourself, and rely on your own righteousness, Romans 10:3,   Galatians 2:16.
7.   DRAWS YOU INTO FELLOWSHIP: The Spirit sends others to minister to you in love.  Thus you learn to accept others’ words of encouragement and to appreciate one another and their ministry to you 7.   ISOLATES YOU: Satan sows   suggestions that cause you to withdraw from other Christians, and think they   reject you.  In your isolation, you then feel lonely, hurt, unworthy, rejected by other, and angry.
8.   BRINGS THE FACTS OF THE WORD OF GOD: The Holy Spirit states facts, truths about you and God.  Feelings must follow Faith in these Facts!  The Holy Spirit gives you correct doctrine.  Learn your theology to avoid being fooled by Satan.  8.  REINFORCES FEELINGS:   The devil tells you that the way you feel is the way things really are, that your feelings are the truth!   Satan   encourages feelings of doubt about God’s love for you, feelings of frustration at God’s unfairness, or questions of His partiality.
9.   The DISCIPLINEof the Holy Spirit.


9.   DESTRUCTIVE attack of the devil.
10.   REASSURES you of God’s forgiveness   and the fact that it is Christ who saved and continues to save you. 10.   ACCUSES you of having committed   the unpardonable sin.

(Adapted from an article by Harry Leesemont, Source and date unknown)

As you go through each of these points, stop and look at the way you have been thinking about your Creator, the world and yourself.  If you can identify Condemnation from your Conscience than begin to work on that area and see yourself the way He sees you.

Renew your Mind with the Word of God, His understanding of your new nature and work with Him to change and renew the Conscience.  If the problems continue, you might have to remove a ‘Spirit of Condemnation’ sent from the enemy!  Every Jesus Follower needs to learn how to do this; it’s called ‘self-deliverance’.

In our next post, we will continue the theme of Condemnation by looking at how we actually feel and think about our self, whether we have learned to love our self as God does …. before we can love our neighbour and love God.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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