5/11 We will Not face an angry, Judgemental God with Total Wholeness

So far is our discussion on our Conscience, we have talked about how to instruct and feed our sense of right and wrong from Biblical ways to grow into the Total Wholeness our Creator intended.  We must watch our self-talk, especially the self-hatred or self-sabotage that grows with drive for perfection.

However, deeper than this is the self-condemnation that seems to follow many people.  Those of us who claim to be Jesus Followers must deal with this deadliest of enemies – false condemnation!


1.  A most common issue

In my over 30 years of counselling, many common problems emerge.  For those who walk by what the Bible teaches, the most damaging issues is unforgiveness – of themselves for not being perfect, for making mistakes or committing outright ‘sin’. 

2.  Ruined lives because they believe the lies of the enemy

As we have seen in our previous posts, the Conscience is conditioned by our family or origin, our peers and our society.  We have ‘internalised’ the voice of our Mother saying “You should….”  or “You aren’t ….”. All those shoulds, oughts, have to’s and musts are lodged in our Conscience as we grow up.

3.  Becoming free means to look at what we really believe about ourselves.

Somewhere along the line, we need to begin to question those statements – Are they true?  Were you ‘lazy, sloppy, not pretty or handsome enough’…. or whatever has been the internal programs.  Most of the time, those around us did not see us as we really were.

No, we weren’t lazy; we were tired after a long day at school.  No we weren’t as pretty or as good as our siblings…but that doesn’t mean we are less of a person.


1.  Coming to our Creator means a whole new identity and way to see ourselves.

Are we going to cling to the ways other have seen us …. or will we chose to see ourselves as He does?  Will we hold onto the self-hatred or self-defeating beliefs of the past …. or see the New Creation that we really are?  That is part of the challenge to Jesus Followers!

2.  It becomes an exchange

We can take off the old ways of doing things and exchange the old ways for new ways.  It’s a ‘putting off’ and ‘putting on’ experience.

3.  The Scrapbook of your life

In the last book in the Old Testament, the book of Malachi, the prophet talks about ‘…a scroll of remembrance…’, Malachi 3:7.  This is also mentioned in book of Revelation as ‘The Lamb’s book of Life’.   It’s sort of like a huge scrapbook of your life, where your Creator has kept track of your days.

For those who have come to Jesus and had a heart and spirit change, there are long sections missing from that book.  Why?  All the things we have done, said and believed have been wiped clean by Jesus’ sacrifice.  When we believe Him rather than our guilty Conscience, we have changed our present, future … and the pages in our scrapbook.

We are no longer held accountable for the things we bring to Him and allow Him to heal and ‘renew’ our thinking.  Really!

You will never, never stand before an angry, judgemental God who holds you accountable for every wrong word, action or sin when you face and work things through with Him!  Your Creator cannot and will not punish you as He has ‘already settled the accounts’ at the cost of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

What’s more, God cannot ‘double dip’ as the Aussies say; He cannot accept Jesus price and still hold you accountable!  You really are free of all condemnation and shame and guilt and remorse and … the list goes on.

4.  Unbelief and doubt stop this truth from being real.

The only thing that can stop that from happening …. is your unbelief …. and your own lack of self-forgiveness.  Can you grasp the freedom then you have in Christ?  The burden of guilt and wrong doing is ‘nailed to the cross’ as Jesus has brought reconciliation between a judgement God and the Jesus Follower.

When you really get the ‘ahaaaa’ on that revelation you understand how  ‘There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus….’, and your world changes!

In our next post, we’ll see how those negative self-talk beliefs robs us of health, life and all the good things our Creator wants to bring us.  …or you can visit www.self-talk.mentorsnotebook.com  and find an eBook on the subject!

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