5/13 What you Feed controls you on your journey to Total Wholeness

Welcome back!  We continue with our theme for this post by focing on the self-talk issues.  Some people talk about ‘feeding the black dog or the white dog?’ …Others add the Cherokee Indian story and feature the ‘Black Wolf and the White Wolf’. 

Which ever example we wish to use, the truths of this well known story actually come from the Bible.  So let’s continue with the Conscience and how to feed the positive, Godly thoughts rather than the condemning, self-hating negative fears and doubts.


When I went to Google to find this Cherokee Indian story about the two wolves, I found many versions, all slightly changed to make the story their own.  So my conscience was clear about just changing some of the facts and info in the story and doing the same as others, ‘making it my own’….but breaking copyright????

However, the conscience can be in tune with the culture around us – which said that was alright.  So in asking the Lord, He said to present the concept and leave the others insights to those who had written a different version of the original.

So, go to ‘Feeding the black wolf…’ on Google and get all the other versions.

1.  Great Truths from the Bible dressed up in new Clothes

The main concepts are not copyright; in fact it is a Biblical principle.  Renew your mind and feed your thoughts on good things, Romans 12:12, 2 Corinthians 4:16 and Philippians 4:8.

I am amazed at how the New Age or other great philosophies have found this ‘new’ truth – what you think will change your life, or think positive thoughts and your life will be better.  That’s Biblical principles.

Anyhow, I get sidetracked.

We just finished a post on catching your self-talk and changing the negative to more positive ways of seeing yourself and your world.  ‘Reframing’ – another new idea – means just that choosing to catch the old, negative way of seeing things and ‘rewording’ it to make the beliefs more in line with what the Bible says about YOU.

Huuuummmm – what does the Bible say about you?  Could you give me 4 things on how your Creator sees you?

If not, find out now as that will change your world like nothing else! 

2.  Learning to catch that ‘Black Wolf’.

So, learning to feed the ‘black wolf or the white wolf’?  Most often, those negative self-talk statements are quiet, background forces to how you really view yourself.  At other times, these views show up in quite disturbing over-reactions to others or events.

Other self-talk ‘black wolf’ thoughts are the fears and doubt about the love of God and His care.  Your son might be late from his first date, riding with friends.  Does your mind race with the ‘what if’s….‘ maybe this happened….’  or even pictures flash through your mind of car accidents and teen deaths.

Your Mother forgot to take her medical checkup seriously – ‘What if’s begin to pour through your mind.  ‘Maybe she’s really got cancer…’ or she was hit by a bus and now ….’ or even ‘she knows she’s dying and ….’

All this is what we call ‘catastrophe thinking’ and it centers on our fears, doubts and lack of trust in our Creator.  One doubt leads to a hundred other ‘maybes’ and ‘what if’s’, adding to the depressing and self-destructive   ,,,,and the cycle continues…unless…. you catch those thoughts with “What is the matter with me?  Why am I thinking all this rubbish and fear?”


1.  The voice of the Conscience?

In our version of the Cherokee Indian story, the ‘White Wolf’ represents that quiet, gentle word from the Holy Spirit, a conviction of the need to change paths.  I don’t think it is the Conscience – unless you have begun the process of renewing the Conscience to the Bible.

The negative voices in your mind come from your past.  Perhaps ‘bad things’ did happen to teens and so, your Conscience (and heart) repeat those fears as though they were real today.

…or this negative voice might be to encourage you in ways to dominate and control others…or survive in the work force or dysfunction relationships.  We could give hundreds of examples of this from our Counseling experience.  How easy it is to keep believing those negative thoughts, to just surrender to the way things are …and try and survive.  ….but there is a better way!

2.  The Conscience needs to be Renewed

As we have seen, the Conscience without this renewing process, is still caught in the way we have been conditioned by our family, society or even the Church.  Thinking the worst about any situation comes easy to the Conscience – unless you have chosen to allow the old, negative views to be replaced.


1.  Not by Self-Effort

All of us have tried to catch and destroy those ‘Black wolf’ thoughts…but in our own self-effort.  The first step forward comes when you realize that as a Jesus Follower, you now have a CHOICE!  You are starting to get free from that power of the ‘old nature’, that natural force that pushes you into pride, self-defense and self-survival.  You don’t have to follow those ways anymore!

2.  The next step might be harder – catch the negative thoughts.

Your Conscience, Mind, Will and Heart have combined all these years to set up the structure ‘they’ think will keep you safe and protected; that’s what is mostly behind the fears and doubts.  They play by the old saying “Expect the worst and hope for the best”.

Actually, it needs to be the other way around when you place your Creator as first in your thoughts.  ‘All things work together for good….’, Romans 8:28 Really?  It doesn’t say ‘All things are good…’ but that we need not fear the present or the future,

3.  His is ‘safe’?

Remember in C.S. Lewis’ story of Aslan in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’?  When asked if the Lion was safe, what was the answer?  ‘No but He’s good.’  Can we trust Him?


1.  Allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction along with the truth of any situation.  What will you follow?  Seeing your circumstances that might seem hopeless?  Or your feelings that will change but usually dump you into the ‘pit of despair’?…or will you choose to find your faith in this journey?

2.  Aim to catch the thoughts as soon as you are aware of them!  Don’t go on and one and on in your imaginary scenario.  It’s all imaginary anyway; not often your fears about the future never happen.

3.  Keep on catching and dealing with the negative stuff by the Holy Spirit’s help!  He is the great Teacher, Comforter, Guide, Helper – that is His job description.  Learn to let down the self-reliance and LET Him help you!  Don’t give up and let ‘the other side’ win.  He has taken enough territory from you already.

Yes that ‘black wolf’ is strong if it hasn’t faced the power of your Creator!  It’s not a quick process … although getting down to where some thoughts have come from, pulling them out by their roots is a quick process.  It’s the planting new seeds, the ‘white wolf’ that needs you attention.  That will make the ‘white wolf’ stronger.

So here’s to the success of the journey!  In our next post, we’ll see how the Conscience relates to the whole of your Personality.  Who controls your sense of right and wrong and how does the Conscience make itself felt in your personality?  Join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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