5/15 Two prayers for the Conscience to grow in Total Wholeness

Here are Two prayers for the Conscience that would be good to say to yourself everyday for the next week.  ….or you can print them out in a fancy font and put them somewhere you can see them often.

Prayer #1. 

“Creator of heaven and earth, thank You that You totally understand my total being.  I don’t need to pretend with You.  You see the depths of my hurt and traumas far more than I ever could.  I know You came to help me see my world the way You do.  So help me to hear my Conscience but to remodel the voice of my Conscience to Your voice.  Help my conscience to continue to allow You to do what You need to do as You make me over into Your image.

“Help me to follow Your love and allow You more access to my Conscience, to be renewed to Your Word too.  Help me to hear Your conviction and chose to step away from the guilty condemnation that is not mine.

“Thank You for today and the gentleness You have with my Conscience.  Help me to be gentle too as I continue to follow You.  I know my Conscience is valuable as You created it but help me to follow Your path rather than the path my Heart and Conscience would choose.”


Prayer #2.

“True Lord Jesus, I put my Conscience into Your hands from today onwards.  You have seen the depths of my trauma in all times, whether childhood or as an adult.  Please help me allow You to enter deeper and deeper into that “closet full of stuff” that my Conscience keeps as a list of rules, traditions and words from others.  Help me see your Truth about who I really am, rather than what others have said about me.  Teach me, Holy Spirit to see my Conscience the way You do, without judging it or having unreal expectations of what my Conscience can do on this journey with You.

“Help me to apply the Truth You have shown me today and not let these seeds slip away from my life.  I want to take every opportunity I have with You to grow the way You want me to.  Please give me the courage to continue to walk the Healing Path You have shown me.  I know my whole eternity with You will be richer and more rewarding as I allow You to do what You want with my life.”

I present these two prayers, or meditations for your thoughtfulness.  May they add to your total wholeness as you go on your journey with our Creator.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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