5/19 Summary for the Conscience and Total Wholeness

We began this Blog by presenting a series on the 9 parts of our personality.   We have been calling these 9 parts ‘The Boardroom’ as all these parts meet to discuss and debate, argue and conquer as we make decisions about our world.  Only when all of our ‘parts‘ understand, are submitted to our Creator and learn to work in unity, harmony and peace will be begin to see what Total Wholeness looks like.

So we launched into defining the Conscience.

‘It is a God given ‘tool’ that makes us feel ‘uneasy’ when we fall short of what we think is right or wrong.  It is also the part that seems to condemn us when we miss the mark of God’s holiness.  As we shall see, the conscience can also get dirty, become damaged or for some people, not work at all.’

The Conscience is NOT

 our personal opinions or judgements or our mental convictions about religious or family tradition.  It is not ‘our true self’ as the Conscience can be deeply deceived and following false beliefs we gained from our childhood.  Neither is it ‘…..the “living waters” or the electrical charge that powers the heart, body and brain.’

The Conscience is in all  humans, no matter what development level their culture has achieved.  Some believe it is a construction of evolution while other point to the conditioning or ‘imprinting’ of our childhood that forms the moral sense of right and wrong.

However, we take the Biblical stand that the Conscience is a gift from our Creator but contaminated by the old nature we received from Adam and Eve and all the generations that followed them.

So then can we trust our Conscience to be the Guide to lead us through life? 

That question can be answered with a no and a yes.  In its ‘unredeemed state’, that is without the Creator involved, the Conscience is a compass, pointing toward right but greatly conditioned by the society around us.

The Conscience can also be ignorant of violating God’s standards and therefore open to great loads of condemnation and guilt – or excuse itself because it thinks it has truth.  Acting out of these emotions, the Conscience can be lead astray.

Then we went on to see that the Conscience doesn’t praise us when we do right, only warns and condemns us when we have stepped over that line.  In fact, our Conscience acts in a negative, after the fact uneasiness, progressively getting dimmer if we ignore it.

This is also how the Bible portrays the Conscience. 

It must be retrained, renewed and realigned to what the Creator has planned as it has been greatly influenced by our ‘old nature’.  For many people the Conscience is the Bully in the Boardroom, using condemnation and guilt as a way to control our whole personality.

We must re-balance our Conscience by what the Word teaches, what the other Saints have learned, by obedience to the State and by following the Holy Spirit.

…. and here I dropped the big bombshell – Jesus did not walk by His Conscience but by the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.  …. and so can we!  Our Conscience is ‘done out of a job’ when we obey the Holy Spirit!

That is a major realisation for many Jesus Followers to see that we can walk by our peace, by hearing from our Creator and by renewing our Conscience by the Word of God.  We can even make that chose to follow condemnation OR conviction.  What is your choice?

However part of that journey towards peace and obedience is to recognise the ‘mind chatter’, the inner self-talk.  Most of that ‘noise’ is from our childhood when we thought everyone else had the truth about us. So that is the Challenge we are left with to enter deeper levels of Total Wholeness.  Remember ‘Two men looked through prison bars.  One saw mud, the other saw stars.’  Which one are you?

Learning to see and the catch the negative, self-hatred, self-sabotage that goes on inside our minds takes surrender and an observant vigilance; it takes time with the Lord and our heart to see ourselves the way He does.  Which ‘voice’ do we feed?  … the negative distorted, half-truths and outright lies about who we are …. OR what the King of Kings and Lord of Lord says about us?

Join us for our next ‘part of our personality’, the heart as we continue on this journey called life. 

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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