5/7 How does the Conscience work toward Total Wholeness?

How does the Conscience work toward Total Wholeness?So far, we have discussed how our Conscience can guide us but it is not meant to be the perfect guide.  Remember the Conscious is one of the 7 parts of our personality so we need to understand how it functions to reach that Total Wholeness that is possible in our ‘Boardroom’.


1.  First of all, the conscience works negatively.

It is a God-given, built in red light when you are doing something wrong.  The conscience is that negative voice that says “This is wrong!”.

Equally true, your conscience does not operate when you do something right, rather it condemns and judges you.  If you are doing good, your conscience will probably not be doing anything.

You may feel peaceful and satisfied that you accomplished good.  These are the emotions that result when we chose the right path.  In another category, we will discuss the Emotions and their influence on our world.

2.  Your conscience operates retrospectively.

Strange as it sounds, your Conscience never operates before you have done something wrong, only afterwards.  As soon as you step outside the moral limits you have set for yourself, the conscience kicks in.  Even thinking about doing something wrong can trigger your Conscience to begin the warning signs.

It causes that inner pain of fear, loneliness, guilt and shame – the pain of knowing you’ve done something wrong.

3.  Thirdly, the conscience operates progressively.

Your conscience is a light that gets progressively lighter or dimmer through your obedience to it.  If the light goes on and you stop, then, in the next situation, the light will burn brighter still.  However, the light will be dimmer if next time you disregard that light and continue to do wrong.


1.  The conscience can reach a point where it no longer operates. 

It can be ‘seared’ (scared over like with a hot iron), 1 Timothy 4:2.  It’s like the nerve has been cut, and we can no longer respond to the warnings of our conscience.

This is why some people can live with themselves when they have committed horrible crimes.  Our prisons are full of people who have very dull or dim Consciences when it comes to their crimes.  Some people escape those feelings of guilt by blaming their family, society or even individual.

As we have seen, however we all have a Conscience that is God-given.  Somewhere along their life, they began to ignore that voice.  A good Conscience can be rejected, 1 Timothy 1:19.

2.  The moral framework from our family and society will also influence our conscience.

If we step outside our moral framework, the Conscience operates.  That is why we don’t just live by our conscience.  Convictions of the mind, feelings of your heart and habits of your will influence your knowledge of whether you are doing wrong or not.  We can have nothing on our conscience and yet not live the way God wants us to.

If you look at the modern woman for example, with her coloured hair, jeans and well presented makeup….and we took her back 200 years, what would people think she was?  …yet in our society is the norm and not rejected as a ‘tart’.

If we grow up in a family where swearing and even lying is a common, accepted occurrence, that will be what our Conscience allows in certain circumstances.  This is the big reasons why children need to be trained in manners, thoughtfulness of others and respect.


The Conscience is a God-given “voice” that talks to us negatively and retrospectively.  It is influenced by our values and can be “burnt out”.  However, remember that the Conscience is an essential member of your personality, or your Boardroom and needs to be touched and renewed by God.

A weak Conscience will lead us to choosing what is wrong and not being able to differentiate right from wrong.  This could simply show a weak character. Our character is not just what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no one is watching.

Good character is doing the right thing not because of the way we want others to see us but what we have built inside of us.  Remember, this is part of the job of the Human Spirit and the Holy Spirit.

So how do we help our Conscience to find the truth, especially as Jesus followers?  What help can we find from our ‘Textbook of Life’, the Bible?

Join us for our next post on what the Bible teaches about the Conscience.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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