5/9 As Christians, how do we instruct our conscience toward Total Wholeness?

So how are you going on understanding what the Conscience is and how it works? There are also many views on where we get our Conscience.  We have chosen to stay with the Biblical view of the Conscience as a gift from the Creator.  If we didn’t have a Conscience, I am sure the human race would have totally destroyed itself by now.

In this post, we need to see our Conscious as valuable but to be guided and taught rather than just followed blindly.  In fact, there are 3 things starting with ‘S’ that we need to pay attention to when we allow our Creator to renew and shape our Conscience.  Remember when we talked about those?  We continue with what our Conscience needs in order to grow to Total Wholeness.



Our Conscience is designed to point to what we’ve done wrong, so we can avoid doing it again.  It is important to give our conscience the right knowledge to start with, so it can tell us what we are doing wrong.

We can learn to live not using a conscience as we walk by the Holy Spirit.  Jesus didn’t experience having a bad conscience as He lived by what God said was right.  He “…..had nothing on His conscience”.

It wasn’t His conscience that answered the enemy, Luke 4:1-13.  He used the Book to answer back to the devil.  You will not find Jesus giving people a long list of ‘shoulds, oughts, musts, have to and got to…’ in the Bible.


1.  We are not to gear our values to society.

This can include our parents’ view of right and wrong.  They brought you up by what they thought was truth.  Their values may have been ‘good’, but we need to reset our conscience to Jesus’ values.

2.  We are not to set our Conscience by other people’s opinions.

After your parents, the teacher’s opinions became ‘right’.  Then we listened to our friends and what they thought was right or wrong.  None of these groups may have had the Truth.

3.  Next, the mass media has had an impact on our values.

The trend toward ‘hyper-sexuality’, promiscuity and homosexuality, is affecting the world’s Conscience by breaking down God’s created order.

4.  Many people turn their Conscience to the Self.

In the Garden of Eden, Self said:  “We want to settle what is right and wrong ourselves!”.  Down that road lies “the unpardonable sin”, where people cannot hear the Holy Spirit’s conviction of sin, or see the need for God or repentance.

If you are ever worried that you have committed the unforgivable sin – you haven’t, because your Conscience is still working enough to hear the conviction of the Holy Spirit to even ask such a question.

5.  Nor do we set our Conscience on Satan who wants us to follow all the changes in fashion, media, sexuality and so on.

Then we can swing from permissiveness to being a Puritan, like a pendulum swings.  This twists the Conscience to follow vastly different paths than what God wants.  If Satan can get us to sin by doing the right thing for the wrong motive, he has won.


1.  Jesus designed His message for everyone! 

Really, when you boil it all down to the basic line – Hear and obey!  Religion and ‘the traditions of men’ try to make it all so complicated; Jesus makes it easy!

2.  Do NOT let the devil triumph!

Learn to walk by Conviction rather than Condemnation!  Most people have an enormous struggle with this idea.  With the endless chatter in their minds, confusion often reigns.

3.  I am convinced as a Christian Counsellor and Mentor that far too many Jesus followers and church people use their Conscience – which condemns them for wrong behaviour – rather than following the Conviction of the Holy Spirit!

4.  Learn to distinguish between the two voices!

5.  Allow the Holy Spirit to Cleanse your Conscience by the work of Jesus

The positive news about a bad conscience and past guilt, is that our Conscience can be purged. The cleansing of the Conscience takes place by confession – agreeing with God, and determining to change our behaviour – repentance.

In our next post, we will look more at the difference between the Condemnation that comes from our Conscience and the Conviction that comes from the Lord.  Which do you determine to follow?

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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