6/1 Total Wholeness & Healing the Heart

As we continue with our Blog on Total Wholeness, we want to introduce the Member of the Boardroom that has the largest voting block – the Heart.  One of the greatest truths we have learned in our 20+ years as counsellors has been about the heart.  The more we can help people deal with the root issues in the heart – rather than just the head – the deeper the change and the more healing is likely.

There are pages and pages of verses in the Bible about the heart.  We see that ‘everything comes out of the heart’ and it is the called ‘the wellspring of life’.  Our heart can be in different ‘conditions’: rebellious, fearful, callous, darkened, anxious, hardened and so on.  It also can be touched by God, cleanses, wise, glad, loves the Lord, sincere and taught to seek God.

When Sigmund Freud talked about the unconscious, subconscious, I believe he was talking about ‘the heart’, that inner part of us that is buried, hidden and easily swayed by desires we allow to control us.   

The heart tries to plug into things and ways to cope with life’s pain. It makes ‘friends’ with these things because the heart thinks these things will take away the pain.  It uses these ‘friends’ to replace God’s way of doing things.  These things are ‘false friends’, and what God calls an ‘idol’.

By renewing the mind, we can help cleanse our heart, John 15:3.  Renewing the mind allows the Word into our thoughts, emotions and decisions.  Another good way is to catch the inner dialogue, the self talk.  Then your Reactions to life’s events are also a window to our heart. 

We have been stressing how important it is to allow the Holy Spirit to show us what is in our heart.  Part of our healthy walk with Jesus is the sanctification process, which is a moral and spiritual transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We walk this path by letting Him deal with heart issues at such a depth, the heart is released and healed.


If you had a good talk with your heart and it shared with you what was going on in there, here is part of the typical conversation:

“You’re not listening to me!  I’m tired of keeping on with all this pain in here.  You should see how full all my rooms are by now!  I’ve got a mountain of stored feelings, even from our birth. 

“I’ve even got that first love affair in here.  Wow!  Was that a shocker or what?  I’m still hurting after all these years.

“I’ve hidden a lot from the BR because no one has been willing to listen.  So now, I’ve built this wall around me so nothing can hurt me.  I’ve also had to get ‘stoney’ to try to stop some of this pain.

“Maybe I can fill some more rooms with that delicious fantasy I saw on TV last night.  Some of those things I’ve tucked away in my rooms do come out and haunt me though.  I’m realising there is another presence in some of my rooms that I don’t like.  I wonder what that is…..”


Sad to say, we most often treat our heart the way we were treated as children.  To start with, the heart may seem locked up with overwhelming issues and pain.  The more you work with your heart, openly and honestly seeing its responses, the more the heart will trust YOU. 

We need to allow the Holy Spirit to show us what you in your heart.  This is part of your healthy walk with Jesus as the sanctification process.  We walk this path by letting Him deal with heart issues at such a depth, the heart is released and healed. 

Join us in our next post as we look at the next member of the BR, the Emotions.  Again the emotions are not something that is to be feared, locked away or buryied under a layer of concrete.  We need to learn how to have healthy emotions as we continue to walk toward Total Wholeness.  So join me then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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