6/13 Dealing with Wounded, Crippled emotions for Total Wholeness

Another picture we could use to describe the relationship between your Heart and your Emotions is the example of a ‘Computer Disc’.  The Heart records all the events of your life, rleasing emotions to help bring that event into your awareness for healing.

1.  Your Past Cannot Hurt You

Your past can’t hurt you; you’ll never be that little girl or little boy again.  However, remember the heart stores all the events from your life, much like the computer discs.   It’s the recording of all those events, along with the faulty beliefs systems you developed back then, that come up in today’s problems.

2.  When a traumatic event happens, the mind ‘freezes’.

Healthy mental or emotional growth is stopped, as the mind cannot deal with the traumatic event within the rational patterns it already knows.  The pain is too great to be incorporated into the normal functions of the brain.

The brain/heart stores these memories in our unconscious.   Inner Healing allows these traumatic memories to come to our consciousness so we can receive healing.

Trauma is caused by shock of some sort, such as the rejection of a significant person, a loud noise, a hit or blow to the person, by witnessing violence or being involved in uncontrollable emotions or an accident.

2.  Reactions Cycles Mean you are Caught in a Past Event

Any reaction pattern tells you that you are caught in something that is being repeated from your past.  It’s like an echo that haunts your life today.  By using Biblical principles in dealing with those childhood belief systems – with all its lies and half-truths – will bring you peace today.

3.  A Wounded Heart affects every part of us.

If the heart is broken, wounded or defective in any way, the whole personality is affected, Psalms 19:12, Proverbs 4:23, Jeremiah 17:19, Matthew 5:18-19.  It is in these wounded and hurt areas that the enemy has a chance to build his nest.   From this traumatised area, he can then launch out and affect every area of our life.

Example: Troy’s Story.  This is a public testimony so I’m not telling tails from the counselling room.  Troy was the fourth son in a very busy household.  There were always things to get into and trouble wasn’t far away with his three brothers.  One day, in  his usual 4 year old boyish way, he ran through the house, chasing this eldest brother.

Mother grabbed him by the arm and pulled him outside.  She threw him  down on the chopping block and shouted “I’ll do to you what we do to the chickens if you don’t behave!” 

At that moment, Troy’s heart and emotions felt the trauma of her words.  He told himself that emotions are dangerous and from that moment on, shut down his feelings.  As a result, he became an emotionless, hard person.  His beautiful wife and two daughters often felt his coldness and wondered why.  It was only when the Lord showed him that event that he began to get healing from the trauma.

Jesus came to heal the ‘broken headed…’? or the ‘broken hearted’?  His mission was to bring reconciliation with our Creator and to heal those who have been wounded and broken.  His methods really do work, if only we will let Him help us!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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