6/16 How Trauma and Hearing from God bring Total Wholeness

How are you going with any feelings of being overwhelmed?  “Now that I know about this, there is so much to do.  Where do I start?”

Sometimes being a Jesus follower is like just discovering that you have inherited a weed-infested, over-grown garden.  Yes, it is your responsibility to clean up the garden … but the first thing to realise is that you have a Master Gardener to help.  He does not expect perfection, just for you to overcome, Revelation 2+3!

Don’t take on false responsibility, but do as much (or as little) as the Lord says to do.  So please let Him help you!  Are you going to operate in God’s power or your own ‘will power’?

A.  The Cycle of Trauma

1.  Trauma is like a splinter that lodges deep inside us, whenever we are involved in a painful dramatic event.  It is an extreme shock to our system – physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.  You don’t have a choice in this; it happens.  The body might heal from a physical injury, but other layers of trauma can still remain.

2.  Five different people could go through the same event – two might escape any lasting consequences but the other three might be crippled from the shock and trauma.  WHY?

3.  First there is an *Event* –> Your body, mind, emotions and heart are hurt –> Your heart may handle the trauma God’s way  ….. OR  –> take an offence to the person who caused the event –> Heart gets very emotional, which becomes the Control –> This locks in a judgement from you, that has consequences of a ‘judgement’ against you.

You see, “whatever I’m emotionally bound to controls me”.  This is a consequence of the ‘Law of Sowing & Reaping’.

B.  There are only 4 ways to handle Hurt

We’ll use the example of Bob growing up in a physically and emotionally abusive family.  He only has four choices!

1.  Denying it

Whenever we are hurt, our first reaction might be to bury it.  Ignoring hurts, hoping ‘they will go away’ is called denial.  We can put up walls, fill the ache with false comforts and just act like it didn’t happen.  However, this is unrealistic, as we really have been hurt and eventually there will be one of the next three consequences.

2.  Fight it

Then, some people try and do the opposite to the other’s actions as a way of controlling their heart pain .  If Bob was harshly punished, he might not disciple his children to avoid ‘doing to them what was done to him’.  He is not free but in reaction to his pain.

3.  Do the same Thing

Bob might handle his childhood hurt by doing the same thing.  He will repeat the same dysfunctional way to raise his children as was done to him out of his own reaction to his hurt.  Again, He is not free.

4.  Heal heart, forgive and remove any Judgement

The healthiest way to handle any hurt, is to work it through with the Lord Jesus so Bob is healed.  Then Bob is free to discipline his children by what is best for them.

This example can apply to any area where we find ourselves in reaction to the hurt from our past.  We are not free to make the healthy, Godly decision but are ‘caught in the ever-present condition of bring in that hurt’.

C.  How do we bring healing from Trauma?

Since we are a complex, ‘multi-level creation’, we use physical tools to fix physical problems, mental tools for mental problems, spiritual tool for spiritual issues and so on.

When we help people face and deal with the trauma in their lives, we are working on several layers.  If someone is in a boating accident, we have the physical injuries that need medical help.   We can also have the mental anguish, the buried heart pain and emotional impact of the traumatic event.  Because we know there is a spiritual world out there, we also have the spiritual impacts to sort through.

Not everyone works through all those layers to find total peace and healing.  We need to hear from God in some way to help heal all the layers.

D.  So How does Trauma stop us from hearing God?

1.  We can get thrown off balance and often lose clarity in the midst of trauma.

2.  Trauma can dump another truckload of rubbish on the ‘compost pile’ of our heart.

3.  Trauma can create new reaction ‘buttons’.  Generational issues or heart attitudes can be reinforced by the Enemy, thus causing more pain, trauma and death.

4.  Since the heart seeks pain relief, ie. Idols, we can be pulled away from God into wrong habits and wrong behaviours.

5.  We can begin to lose trust in God’s protection, because it appears that He didn’t protect us.  Thus the heart hardens toward God, so heart doesn’t want to hear Him, so it won’t have to give up its idols.

6.  The heart can sometimes take on ‘false responsibility’ to try and rescue others in their pain, rather than hear God’s plan for them.

G.  Conclusions

We have all been traumatised at some time in our life.  The question now is whether we will allow Jesus to touch our body, soul, heart and spirit to bring the healing that He wants for us.  How much do we trust Him for this?

Join us for our next post as we look at how trauma can be healed through the work of Jesus,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author






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