6/17 Understanding Inner Healing in the Journey for Total Wholeness

Since Jesus came to set the captives free!  Part of that change is to allow Him to come and bring the healing we all need deep inside our heart.  This is the process referred to as “Inner Healing”.

A.  What do we mean by ‘Inner Healing’ on our goal for Wholeness?

No one would question that inner wholeness is a major thrust of the gospel.  Jesus Christ came to bring us wholeness in spirit, soul and body.  We talked about ‘Soteria’, the kingdom’s wholeness in body, soul and spirit, John 8:36, Isaiah 61:1-4. This inner wholeness is part of the process of Regeneration, Redemption, Sanctification, John 3:5.

Trauma is like a bruise on a person’s heart, spirit, emotions and even the body.  Until it is healed, the wound can be ‘pressed’ by Satan and thus ‘re-injures’ that person.  Trauma comes in two ‘flavours’: unintentional (airplane crash) or intentional (rape).  Obviously there will be more difficulty dealing with intentional trauma, as it also calls into question the motives of humanity.

As a result of deep, traumatic damage during our early years, we learn to develop barriers to pain.  Put simply, it is to allow Jesus to return to the scene of past hurts and traumas with His Truth and love”.   The aim of inner healing is for release, healing and forgiveness of old hurts.

B.  What is the Process involved in Inner Healing of the Emotions and Heart?

1.  First we must understand the process

Explaining the progression that someone will go through when they begin this journey with the Lord Jesus is important.  They need to be prepared to be real and open with their Heart and allow Him to bring Truth.

2.  We can find a ‘trail’ Back to the Injury Site

Finding the pathway may be different for each person.  Some common ways are:

a)  The presence of very painful emotions,

b)  Finding that you are caught in reactions:  “I have problems with my pastor’s wife, my mother-in-law, my home group leader and my boss at work.  They’re all strong females and I react to them.”

c)  By learning to talk with the heart and discover its pain and happiness,

d)  Working with the ‘little child within’,

e)  Hearing our body’s messages, such as “a burning poker in my stomach”,

f)  Some people may already know the lie their heart believes,

g)  A word of knowledge, or something the Lord has said already,

h)  Spiritual pictures: the throne, the wall, of the heart, etc.

3.  The window to your heart is your reactions or emotions.

a)  Any reaction means something is happening in the heart.  By learning to face and work through reactions and emotions, we can help clean out our heart.  Check that your heart is willing to begin work.

b)  The main problem is not in the event.  Remember the example of people’s reactions to the spider in my hand?  Same event but what is different?  It is our thinking patterns about the event and the emotional responses that are unique.  The ‘whys’ of the trauma are buried in past events.  This is where certain thinking patterns began.

c)  The present situation can lead us to the answer of ‘Why?’.  The pain and reactions are not from the event but what we still believe about the event, the half truths and lies our heart still holds.

If we are going to be healed, we must feel the pain, understand the reactions and discover clues to the heart’s beliefs.

4.  The key lies in finding what the heart still believes

a)  How do we undo emotional reactions and triggers?  We have all developed coping methods to handle our reactions and our emotions:  ignoring, explaining away, burying or denying, and so on.  We sometimes have to work through these barriers to be released into healing.  Check to see if your heart understands this.

b)  God does not want us to continue in our coping strategies.  He wants us to see the reactions and the emotions so we can clean out our heart.  The sequence is like this:

Behaviour, reaction  —– > Emotion —— > Thinking Patterns —– > from the Heart!

c)  If you want to change your behaviour, work on understanding the emotions.  However the emotions are responding because of thinking habits, so change the emotions by changing the thinking habits.  The real roots of everything come from the heart.

d)  To understand behaviour/reactions, we look at the ______________.  To understand the emotions, we look at the ___________________.  To understand the thinking patterns, we look at the heart.

5.  Discovering Faulty Thinking Patterns

a)  If we have deceived, faulty ‘truths’ in our heart and mind, our whole life is affected.  An important part of bringing healing to the heart and mind is to help it sort out what is Truth.  We often believe the deceptions that come with half truths.

b)  What holds the reactions in place is some faulty thinking, some half-truths we believe about the situation or ourselves.  The pain, emotions and the reactions are signs of lies that the heart believes.

c)  Getting healed of the reactions brings release as the Truth gets down into the heart.  It is not the present situation that is the problem, it’s our heart beliefs about the event that need changing.  Check to see if your heart understands this.

Try to remember this sequence the next time you find yourself in an emotional over-reaction.  What is the behaviour?  What are the emotions?  What is the thinking pattern?  Then, what is the cause, which will be in the Heart.  Find the root of the issues and allow the Lord to heal the trauma, judgement or unforgiveness.  That is the path to Total Wholeness!

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