6/22 The Half-Truths my Heart still Believes

Here is another practical worksheet for you to think about on your journey toward Total Wholeness.  What might be some of the beliefs still stuck at a heart level, the unconscious level of your thinking —– that influence your world?

Go through this list of the more common lies your heart may still believe, and list the intensity of emotional pain your heart still feels.


My Heart Still Believes this:




“I am all alone and no one can/will help.”  I   have been overlooked, not needed and no one cares.  There is no one to protect me.  I cannot trust anyone.  No one rescued or saved me.  Maybe God has forsaken me too.

Abandoned,   unprotected, alone and devastated, not trusting

2. I am an idiot, stupid because I should have done something to stop it.”  I should have known better, but I kept going back.  It was my fault.  I did not try hard enough to stop them.  I caused it by my

Shame, guilt blame, numb, flawed, broken, useless.

3. “Because this happened to me, I am broken, damaged and will never be happy.”  I felt pleasure and I wanted the attention.  I deserved it, I am cheap, shameful, dirty and everyone will see my uncleanness and will never be able to love me again.

Tainted, dirty, unclean, ruined, inept, defiled, impaired, cursed, lost, screwed up.



“I am going to be caught again and no one can stop it.”  I know they are coming back to get me and something bad will happen again.  It’s   just a matter of time, since I can’t trust anyone again, even God.

Fear, panic, anxious, numb, betrayed, trapped.



“I cannot stop this and there is no way out.”  I am too weak to resist and the pain is too   great.  I am trapped and even God can’t help me.  I am overwhelmed, I am pulled in every direction with no way out.

Overwhelmed Powerless,   trapped, hopeless, weak, panic.



“I am not loved, wanted, cared for or import-ant even to be bothered with.”  I am worthless, a mistake and I should never have been born.  I can never please them, I am not acceptable.  I had no good reason to live as I am unworthy of ever finding acceptance, even with God.

Invalidated,   discarded, insignificant,  second-class Not   wanted, inferior, lost, rejected.



“Everything is confusing and nothing makes sense.”  Why are they doing this to me.  I feel so lost and confused.

Confusion,   disjointed, disordered.

 Jesus knows the truth, and by allowing Him access to the reactions, we can find wholeness.  If we can discover the reaction, the emotions, the thinking patterns or the memory, then we can find out the heart’s half-truth or lie it believes.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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