6/24 Healthy Emotions for Total Wholeness as a ‘Jesus Follower’

As you learn more healthy patterns of Emotional release, you will find your Emotions growing more toward peace and contentment.  However, this doesn’t happen automatically as you grow and mature physically.   Your Emotions are a different story.

In the past posts, we have talked about the benefits of tracing the wounded Emotions back to ‘the entry point’.  It’s then that we can bring a freedom and a sense of wholeness to those wounded parts of our Heart, memory and our Emotions.

An example: When we moved into our present home, I organised the kitchen just the way I wanted it.  Then there were times when my beloved husband would find a ‘better spot’ of something.

Guess what my emotions were doing?  Yep’ …..about the third time he did this, I found myself in major reaction!  Whether his ‘new spot’ was more logical was not the issue with my Heart.  It felt like he was ‘redoing and throwing out’ my plans.

Remember as we discussed in an earilier post, you MUST always go to the more emotionally person first and hear them out!  After we began to talk, I could see there were better ways of organising things …and expressing my emotions.  So, finally I got to the point – ‘once more ’round the  mountain…’ – to practice what I teach.

So one quiet day, I took up my Heart and was brave enough to ask the Lord “Where did I first feel these emotions?”  He took me back to my teen years and my drawers at home.  I would come home from school and find that my Mother had re-organised my drawers, my clothes ….and tossed out my precious, my just-worn-it-right’ jeans!

When I began to work on my Mother issues, I left my husband to the Lord to sort out.  Jesus brought someone to him to Mentor with …guess what issues?  He began to be convicted of his reorganisation of the kitchen, which was mainly the wife’s space in the home.

So when it came down to the Conflict Solution, where did the issues really come from?  Yep’ Mother.  The Lord was using the situation with the kitchen to help my Heart see what was in there because He loves us too much to leave the ‘compost pile’ there for the enemy to use against us!

In terms of the Boardroom, as a ‘Jesus Follower’, ask Him to show you what role your Emotions have (or haven’t) played in your inner world and to expose any unhealthy ways you have established to handle them.

It is important to bring them under his Lordship and authority and seek His truth in regards to them. Begin to see the emotions as a way to understand issues of the heart is important.  Emotions hold many clues to what is in your heart that requires attention. We will cover this further when we talk about ‘the Heart’ in the Boardroom setting.

1.  Learn to reveal your Emotions to JESUS

The first step is to recognise and admit the condition of our emotions to the Lord.  This honesty alone can help us become free, John 8:32.  We are to be children of light and bring everything into the light, Eph. 5:8.  The way we submit our emotions to Him can draw us closer to God, because emotions cause intimacy in our relationship with Him (and others). QA good example of this is the Psalms of David in the Bible.  David was a mightily warrior and yet he could pour out his hurt, his disappointment, anger and grief to his Creator.

2.  Emotions not recognised or submitted

On the other hand, our un-submitted emotions can push us further and further away from Him – in a living hell of our own emotional cycles and reactions.  I could have tried to ‘make Daniel’ stop changing things.  This would have included the bedroom, the living room, etc.  Down that road leads to ‘Control’!

How much better it was for me to deal with my own Emotions under the Lordship of Jesus and then let Him convict others of what they need to do.   That way I was out of the way so the Lord could deal with Daniel without my sticky fingers in the middle of the storm.

3.  Each part of your personality needs to face this challenge. 

Will you surrender to His will and let His have a part in your inner world ….or do things by yourself?  The choice is yours.

In our next post, we will wrap up this section of the Emotions and move onto another part of your Personality: the Heart.  This is one of the major areas of Total Wholeness that we do need to understand and bring to the Lord.  Join us then,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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