6/26 Review – The Emotional Storms and Total Wholeness

By now, I trust everyone would agree: Emotions must be Handled in a Healthy way.

Psychologists have long seen emotions as the driving force of the personality.  Our emotions will impact our drives and instincts, our needs and wants.  Emotion can upset every gland in the body, thus causing up to 85% of the treated illness seen by doctors.

In one of our first posts on this part of our personality, we defined emotions as “The state of mind that produces a feeling, which then shows itself in a physical change within the body.” (EDWJ, 5/98).

Emotions are also the messengers from our heart, sent to tell us its condition.  We must learn to hear that message, not always to obey the message, but to listen to what is going on inside of us.  Being driven in the wrong direction is to produce war within our self.

People see their emotions in different ways: as their enemies or their masters.  Some people may have lost touch their emotions, repressed or denied them for so long that they have great difficulty getting in touch with what emotion they do feel.  Others may see their emotions as their allies, and have learned to face their inner world courageously.

Emotions are a gift from a loving Father God.  They are the messengers from our heart.  How we learn to handle these ‘gifts’ will determine the emotional and often, the mental health of our whole personality.  The challenge is to see them the way God does.

Learning Healthy, Godly ways to handle emotions:

1.  Face and acknowledge all difficult feelings.  Denial has no place in the Psychology of Jesus.

2.  Understand what makes emotions “troublesome” as restriction or destructive. 

Does the emotion reflect movement away from a loving God or pull us towards Him?  If the feeling hinders relationship with Him trace the feeling to its roots.  The presence of destructive feelings indicates a heart problem.  Something is going on inside us that needs correction.

3.  Use troublesome emotions as a check on your growth. 

Our internal dynamics are of concern to Father God too.  Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to repentance and growth.  Learn to examine yourself.

4.  Be free to express your emotions but learn to limit the expression by the law of love. 

Learn to accept responsibility for your own emotions.  Circumstances and others don’t‘ make us angry’.  We choose to be angry, sad, lonely and so on.  Nothing we say or do should violate the commitment to being in a living relationship with the living Jesus.


Many theories and viewpoints have been presented on emotions.   Faulty emotions are signs of deeper problems, not necessary sin but they can lead to sin.  If our mental and emotional structure does not have a strong foundation to withstand the strain of modern civilisation, illness will develop.  To become an emotionally mature, adequately equipped person, able to adjust and profit from life’s traumas, is having good health.

Working on God’s design as the sure foundations of human nature is essential so that we are not building on “the sand”.  Knowing and choosing God’s design, His principles and His ways of correcting mental and emotional problems is essential. An inner orderliness brings harmony.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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