6/26 Summary for the Total Wholeness and our Emotions

Well we have come to end of our sections on Emotions.  Remember we are considering each part of our personality much like we would see a Boardroom.  Some members are in harmony while others may be in violent disagreement.  Some members might be hiding their true responses while other may be vocal and dominating.

The 7 parts of our personality are like this too.  So far we have look at the Mind – the logical, rational decision making part of the Boardroom.  The mind, as important as it is, much know that it is not the ‘Captain of your world’ with all the pressures that job carries.  The mind is designed to be a tool, a very important one but only a tool.  Other factors need to come into consideration in order for harmony for prevail in your Boardroom.

Next, we went onto the will, which has another very important function.  The Will maybe crushed, broken and bruised from childhood.  Making and carrying out decisions is vital for a healthy will.

Then we went onto one of the least understood members of your Boardroom – your human spirit.  How the spirit functions and the purpose designed by our Creator is most unclear in the majority of people around us.  The spirit is meant to be in contact with our Creator to bring peace and joy to our personality.

If you have little or not peace or joy, you might want to consider doing some work on your spirit.  It is your spirit and the Holy spirit that are meant to rule in the Boardroom!

From there we went to one of the most damaging members – the conscience.  Blame, guilt, shame and condemnation is the usual voice for most people.  The conscience has been trained since childhood by many people’ input and thinks it is the Judge of our world.  However, just as the other parts of our personality find, the conscience must also give way to the place the Creator design for it to be.  What an amazing difference it is to find conviction as the guide stick rather than condemnation!

From here we examine the Emotions, again another misused member of your boardroom.  We say that emotions can be tools, actually gifts from your Creator.  Learning to listen to your emotions means bringing more peace and health.

Our next member in the spotlight is what the Bible talks about as ‘The Heart’.  This is that unconscious, subconscious part of us that contains all that we are, think and react to. It’s the foundation of all our hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions.  It is very important to understand and realise how important your Heart really is for total wholeness!

If you would like another slant on the Heart, come check out my other blog:


We are discussing how to bring our Heart to the love and healing the Creator designed for us.

So join me as we look at one the the most important members of your Boardroom – your Heart.

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