7/10 10 ways to see what is in your heart

We have been exploring the concept of our ‘Heart’, that unconscious part of us that is hidden but open to our Creator.  Here are 10 ways to use as a way to explore what is in your Heart.  Try one a week as you venture into this unknown territory.

1.  Learn to catch the inner dialogue, self talk.  What might be the kind of self-talk we would hear the heart saying?  You can find many ‘heart lies’ this way, things the heart believes – that aren’t true.  Such as …..?

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2.  Whenever you find yourself in Reaction – versus responding to a situation – it is God’s open window to see what’s in your heart.  Learn to be aware of these occasions for His help with your journey.

3.  Change your thinking about Emotions – see emotions as messengers, letting you know what your heart is feeling.  When you feel anger —- > “I hear you heart; you are angry.  What are you angry about heart?”

4.  Your main job is to mediate between your heart and the Lord Jesus’ way of healing it.  Only God can truly heal your heart, so ask Him to do the work that needs to be done! Jeremiah 17:9-10.

5.  Try to use pictures of your heart as a way to see what’s there.  “My heart is like….”.  Remember, the heart is hidden but God knows what is there.

6.  Look for any body symptoms that might be generated by Heart attitudes.  Often the tension, annoyances or stress of your day is found in your muscles but really started with your Heart expectation that this was going to be a great day.  Why are catching your expectations so important?

7.  Watch what pushes your buttons!  What causes you to over-react to certain people, situations or comments?  Often this is an issues with your Heart that has not been resolved.  Being angry at your female boss might reflect anger at your female teachers, female peers or even at your Mother – who just happens to be a controlling female as well.

8. One of the best ways is to ask the Lord to show you what is in your Heart.  Even ask Him for a picture of how He sees your Heart.  You’ll be surprised how gentle and yet realistic He is!  (I have heard pictures of Heart being pierced with arrows, shattered like glass, cut in pieces, chained up, lost in a fog, closed behind concrete blocks and so on.)

9. Many times, others can see our Heart clearer than we can.  Ask a very trusted person to share this journey with you.  After prayer, have the other person share the good things they see in you, in your heart.  This builds the trust needed for the next step – what are some of the things I need to work on with the Lord and my Heart?

10. As strange as it sounds, you can actually learn to talk with your Heart and hear it’s messages to you.  This does take practice and a non-judgemental attitude to what your Heart shares with you.

Can you add any others to this list?  In our next post we will discuss the fact that your emotions can be helpers for you to see what is going on in your Heart.  In fact I dare to say that your emotions are the messengers from your Heart so we need to learn to listen to them!

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