7/11 Heart Beliefs and God’s Truth

You may remember this post when we talked about emotions.  Here is the same post but from a different viewpoint.  Again how many of these false views does your Heart believe?

The Emotions:

My Heart’s Beliefs and Attitudes:

God’s Truth Revealed to   Heart:

1. Depression, worthless, rotten,  low, rejected, melancholy, alone, untrusting, despondent.

  “I am no good.  I am all alone and no one can help me.  There is no one to protect me.  I cannot trust anyone.  No one rescued or saved me.  Maybe God has forsaken me too.”

“My worth does not depend on my behaviour, my achievements, or my looks.  I am not the victim of my past life’s pains and mistakes.  God does love me.”

2. Guilt and condemnation, anxious, at fault, un-comfortable, people pleasing, insecure in other’s approval or love.

“I should do better than I do.  I am wrong AGAIN.  I have failed.  It is my fault AGAIN.  I am stupid.  I should have done something to stop it.  I caused this by my looks / sex / needing love, etc.  I did not try hard   enough to stop it / them.  It was my fault.  I’m caught in this forever.”

“I can make choices and face the consequences of my decisions.  I am a child of the most high God.  His love has a way through for me.  He can forgive me and help me forgive   others too.”

3. Resentment, animosity, indignant,   irritated, angry, bitter, need to have justice

“They should not have done that to me.  They are bad people and I can’t trust anyone again.  I need justice for my pain and hurt.” “Others can’t ‘make me feel’ as I have a choice in my response.  It takes two to make a conflict.  God can help me here.”

4. Tainted, dirty, unclean, ashamed,   broken, defiled, lost, ruined, impaired, inferior, rejected, broken.

“Because this happened to me, I am broken, damaged and will never be happy.  I deserved what I got.  Everyone can see my uncleanness and will never be able to love or forgive me again.”

“I need to base myself worth on God’s view of me rather than other’s false views.  He can heal and remove my   brokenness.  I am a new creation in Jesus.”

5. Overwhelmed, powerless, trapped,   hopeless, weak, apprehension, distressed.

“I cannot stop my pain and there is no way out.  I am a mistake, I should not have been born, I have no reason to live as I an unworthy of ever finding acceptance.”

“I can look for the resources to help me face my challenges.  Understanding things from God’s point of view is my aim.”

6. Fear, panic, anxious, betrayed, numb, insecure.

“I am going to be trapped again.    Something bad will happen again.  I can’t even trust God now.” “I can survive problems and mistakes with God’s help.  He will not give me too much.”

Grief, sadness, loss, insecure in the   future.

“Life is terrible.  So much pain in my life.  Everything I do causes   pain.  What is the use of trying?”

Life has its pain and its joy.  Where is my focus?  God has good in store for me!”

 As you read through this short worksheet, record any of the comments that mean something to your Heart so you can address the issues.  We live with so much faulty self-talk, it can be hard to catch the ‘mind chatter’ but well worth the effort when you find the lies you have built your life around.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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