7/12 How to Heal the Heart to gain Total Wholeness

We are continuing with the theme of bringing healing to the Heart.  The following 6 steps will give us a basic pattern for working on heart issues. So we continue with How to Heal the Heart.

By now you should have a reasonable handle on what the heart is and how it operates.  Now comes the good part – how to get it healed of the hurts of the past.

1. Discover the Painful Emotions you feel.

The first step in being healed of heart lies is to identify either the sin cycles or the strong emotions that we feel.  For some people (intuitives), emotional awareness comes before any awareness of reaction cycles.  For others (rationalists) patterns can be identified before emotional awareness.  Either way, the emotions need to be identified as accurately and strongly as possible.

For many of us, we were trained by our backgrounds to despise emotions.  We were ‘taught’ either that they were irrelevant, or even dangerous.  The first step in getting healed of the ‘stuck’ emotions in our heart is to identify them.  The more accurately you can identify what your heart feels, the more effective you will be in bringing it to healing.

2. Learn to Express the Emotions in Healthy ways.

Next, aim to put these ‘present day’ emotions into words.  Put a label on the emotion you are feeling.  If it helps, use a ‘pain score’ to express the right intensity for the emotions.  Explore your emotions until you can get as near to 10 out of 10 as possible.  Too often we run from or bury the emotion before we can hear the heart’s message.

Remember, FEELINGS THEMSELVES CANNOT HURT YOU!  We need to learn that we are free to express our feelings.  In fact the ONLY way your heart can be liberated from the hurt that is there is to express the emotions somehow.  Learning how to verbalise your feelings is critical to good mental, emotional and heart health.

Unlike a little child, we are now adults and don’t need to be afraid of getting a belting for our feelings.  We need to learn that we are now FREE to express our feelings.  In fact the ONLY way our heart can be liberated from the hurt in there, is to express our emotions.  If you have trouble ‘verbalising’ your feelings, you need to learn how!

You do not have to experience the full intensity of the emotions to work with your heart.  One common fear is that present day emotions will be too intense to work with (usually that intensity is in the past).  Use today’s emotions ONLY to the depth needed to find the event.

3.  Allow the Emotions to take you to the Injury Site.

“Lord Jesus, where did I first feel like this in the past?”  Let your present day emotions take you to the event in the past, where your heart first absorbed the lie that it still believes.  Explore the emotions connected with this event as a ‘cathartic’ release for your heart. Often anger, hate and unforgiveness are connected to this past event.

Once you have identified our feelings, and have expressed them to someone, the emotions will often take you to the memory of childhood traumatic injury to the heart.  As you experience the pain, the Lord will want to revisit the injury site, so that He can heal you there.

4.  Let Jesus Expose the Lie your Heart Believes.

When you have ‘drifted’ to the childhood trauma memory, Jesus will want to meet you there for ‘inner healing’.  Because Jesus is the Truth, the lie you have believed in your heart all these years will be exposed.

Learn to be a ‘good counsellor’ to your heart.  Practice allowing your heart to express itself – without judgement, condemnation or any ‘shoulds’.  You become the ‘go-between’ where you take your heart’s perspectives to Jesus for His comments.  Ask this question often: “Heart, are you ready to let Jesus talk to you about that yet?”

5.  Have Jesus give you the Rhema Truth of what He saw happening.

As He speaks to you in a vision or by words, it will have a deep impact on your heart and spirit.  Not only will the lie be exposed, but He will also give you the ‘aha’ Rhema that can be accepted by your heart.  IF YOUR HEART DOES NOT accept His truth, you will need to do more heart work to understand why your heart is resisting His truth.  The heart’s resistance is often a matter of believing another half-truth.  Be patient with your heart.

As He speaks to you in a vision, or by words, it will have an impact on your spirit.  Not only will the lie be exposed, but He will give you an ‘aha’ Rhema, that can be accepted by your heart.  Many times, the heart itself will be comforted or healed.

6.  Seal the healing through forgiveness

When Jesus has healed your heart’s pain, the heart can finally forgive the situation, person or thing – “……from your heart….… “, Matthew 18:35.  This means you can take your judgement off them and set them free to the choice of their will.  If you have really released them from the heart, what they now do is not your problem.  You will have unhooked from the reaction cycles.  You have put them into God’s hands for His judgement.

Does your heart believe God is capable and trustworthy?  Will He take care of your Hurt and Pain….and still bring justice and wholeness for you?

Please also notice that forgiveness is also a Heart issue.  The Heart cannot forgive until the hurt has been heard and addressed.  Any other attempts at forgiveness are ‘head forgiveness’ or our conscience duty and often do not even touch the Heart.


Consider the story Jesus shared with His followers, Luke 15:11-32.  The Prodigal Son comes to his father and asks for his inheritance.  The son spends in on the short-lived pleasures of life.  Somewhere on his downward slide into his own personal hell, the son realises that even the servants of his father were better off than he was.  So he decides to return to his welcoming, waiting father.

Through the depraved conditions he went through, this son worked ‘wild living’ out of his heart.  When he returned to his father, his heart was soft and he repented.  The older brother, however, still had hidden heart attitudes of jealousy, religion and rebellion, which he had not dealt with.

Which son do you think our heavenly Father expects us to be?

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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