7/14 Jesus isn’t after a ‘Sin-based Theology’ for Total Wholeness

So far we have seen that our Heart is hidden and we do need God’s help to see what buried deep inside of us.  We’ve also looked at how the Heart can be more open and even change when we begin to see what’s there and to learn to work with the Heart for healing.

In this post, we would like to open the discussion on a very common view without many church cultures: the emphasis on what we did wrong – the sin – and trying harder to ‘not do it again!’  This is different than the Repentance Patterns we find in the teachings of Jesus.  Self-effort doesn’t make it with Him!

A.  Legalistic obedience without heart work

1. Let’s first define: ‘sin based theology’

We have all (hopefully) learned Biblical repentance patterns, which emphasise turning to God and confessing our sin.  This is good, until too much emphasis is put on NOT REPEATING the problem, rather than on understanding why we did the sin / mistake in the first place.

The ‘sin I did’ emphasis can push a person into performance orientation, where we use self-effort to stop the sin.  Instead, we need to find the heart lie we have believed that motivates the sin, mistake or problem.

2.  True repentance really means inner change

To repent means to change the way we think rather than just change the outward behaviour.  The emotion drives the behaviour (reaction) based on the memory and the lie.  Sin is not the real problem; it is only the consequence of believing the lie.  Jesus said that if I have considered adultery in my heart (but not physically done so), I have already committed the sin of adultery, Matthew 5:27-28.

Victory has nothing to do with changing the outward consequences but with changes to the heart.  An overemphasis on sin puts people into the loop of defeat.  We cannot change behaviour until we find and deal with the lie that the heart believes. True repentance happens when we work through the lie and replace it with the truth.  Only then can turn from the sin and truly not be tempted again.

B.  Receiving His Healing in your Heart

We know that God desires for us to have a ‘healed’ heart.  What does this mean?  There is a difference between cleaning out the heart (where we have some control) and getting the heart healed, where only the supernatural intervention of God can help.  Healing the heart is a prayer issue, where the Lord heals the ‘brokenness’ of the heart (Isaiah 61:1).  In order to work with the heart and the Lord in the healing process, be aware of the following things:

1.  Learn to be aware of the condition of your own heart.

2.  Learn to be a good counsellor to your heart so it will talk with you.

3.  Hear the issues and the hurt of your heart and relay them onto Jesus.

4.  Allow Him to come and talk with your heart.  Expose your heart to His love and healing touch.

5.  Always assess how much truth your heart is willing to accept.  Work with your heart, don’t condemn it, when you feel resistance or reluctance.

6.  The aim is to develop a willing heart, one open to hearing and obeying Jesus.

7.  If trust in God is part of your heart issues, work on this first.

Continue to work with your Heart as the freedom and healing you gain are well worth the effort!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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