7/15 How do we Surrender our Heart for Total Wholeness?

A. Remember we all begin with an ‘Unregenerate Heart’

According to Scripture, the ‘unregenerate’ heart – the heart without God – is the seat of the Self-system, or the Old Nature.  It is this fallen, self-centred, rebellious, corrupt heart that has lead us astray, Jeremiah 17:9.

1.  The Story of the Two Houses.

Before we came to Jesus, it’s like we lived in a different house.  Its run down,   cracks in the windows, the doors squeak but we are used to it.  Along comes Jesus and offers us ‘a new house’, a new life and we accept.Everything is alright to start with.  Then we start dragging all the old furniture, boxes and whatever into the new house.  He might let us live this way for a while but then He says: “How about we deal with all that old baggage, because that purple rug clashes with your broken desk.”

So begins the exchange – our brokenness for His sacrifice, in with the new and old with the old thinking.  This is called ‘Renewing the Mind’.


Before we came to recognise Jesus as the One sent from God, our heart was hard, darkened, deceived and double-minded.  This darkness started with Adam’s rebellion, but generational iniquity further contributed to our depravity, as well as our own poor choices in life, Ephesians 3:11-20,1 Peter 2:1, 4:2, Galatians 16-21, Colossians 3:5-11

2.  At New Birth God softens our heart and makes it undivided.

Since mankind was / is not capable of keeping God’s laws with the blind, unregenerate heart we inherited from our parents, we need a soft heart to be able to follow God.  Jesus Christ came to redeem our Heart and Spirit, to give us a ‘new birth’, a new start with Father God, Jeremiah 24:7, Ezekiel 11:19.  Remember this is an event as well as a process.

The Holy Spirit touches our heart with a ‘gift of repentance’, meaning to ‘agree with God and turn away from sin’.  These are necessary tools to deal with our stony heart because Jesus came to break the power of sin over us, Romans 8:3.

3.  We need to allow Him to touch and heal our hearts.

We need to choose to deliberately let Him touch our heart, to build our trust and faith in His ways, 2 Corinthians 7:2.  We are then ‘reborn’, with a soft heart, to be able to hear and obey God.  Only then can we comply with Father God’s will, know His love and be able to seek His kingdom.  We must literally “make room for and open our heart” to receive Him.

B.  Our heart gets hardened as soon as we make a judgement.

Unfortunately, many Christians start hardening their (new) heart soon after accepting Jesus.  They don’t understand that God has taken His judgement off of us and has forgiven us.  He expects us to do the same.

1.  Ask Jesus a Question:

If you haven’t done so already, ask this: “Lord Jesus, how much of my heart have I let You touch?”

His Answer? _______________________________________________________

2.  Remember, there is no condemnation for whatever you find in your Heart, Romans 8:1-2.

Jesus knows everything already and He is totally, totally on your side!  Heart work is a journey, a process with lots of beautiful events.

One person described their heart journey thus: “A place larger than life, a place of   nightmares and dreams, of monsters and villains, heroes and champions.  You can be re-cast within the adventure with Jesus in less than a minute’s notice: from hero to nemesis in a nano-second!

    “This is a place to tread carefully, the very ground we walk on is   alive, pregnant with possibilities and bitter disappointments, beyond reality.  We serve in the midst of (the hearts of) the hopes, dreams and hungers of mortal human beings.“ 


 Many of us have started this heart journey already.  Please remember that “legally” you are perfect before Father God because of what Jesus has done for us.  Work on your heart issues only when and how the Lord tells you to.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author        



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