7/21 The 3 powerful Enemies of the Heart

As we continue our discussion on the Heart, we need to also see that there are three powerful voices that speak out against the Heart being healed.  What are they?

1.  The Mind tells the Heart to ‘…Just get on with it and shut up!”

As we have seen, our thinking patterns can influence whether the heart can express itself.  Often we have come from a background where the mind is in control over the heart.  When this happens, the heart never gets ‘heard’ and is crushed.  This ‘mind over heart’ can only injure the heart more.

2.  A ‘Religious spirit’ or attitude behind the Conscience wants us to be ‘correct’ rather than stand out for the Lord.

Another enemy of the heart is a religious spirit.  If I have been trained by wrong doctrine, then I will believe that all I need to do is pray about feelings, and that will get rid of them.  Unfortunately, this lie is propaganda of Satan.  Romans 12:15 says we are to “..mourn with those who mourn”.  This verse didn’t say to pray that there would be no sadness.

3.  We are the Third enemy of our Heart is US!

The most important enemy of our heart is Self.  The tragedy is not only that people aren’t listening to our pain, we deny ourselves and don’t listen to our own hearts.  We need to learn to ‘listen’ to our hearts, although not do what our heart wants, of course!

4.  The good news is We can change our Attitude.

Jesus really, really believes that each one of us can change!  He didn’t come with the message “Just do the best you can and be born into a higher place next time.”  He came to offer us Life and internal growth!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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