7/4 What are the Heart Conditions that influence Total Wholeness?

A.  Welcome back

So far we have ventured into the concept of the Heart as one of the seven parts of your personality.  Remember the other parts?  (The mind, the will, the spirit and the Conscience)  One of the greatest truths we have learned in our 20+ years as counsellors has been about the heart.  The more we can help people deal with the root issues in the heart – rather than just the head – the deeper the change and the more healing is likely.

We talk and even sing about ‘the heart’, but few people have a good understanding about how important the heart is to our lifestyles.  Anyone who is serious about personal growth needs to study what the Bible says about the heart!

B.  Our Heart can be in different Conditions.

The Bible talks about many conditions our Heart and Spirit can be in.  See the post on the verses of the Bible that mention a few of these conditions.  Some of the most common ‘ conditions’ are included in this post.

1.  A Hardened Heart

A hardened heart describes a set of defence mechanisms we have employed in our lives to protect us from hurt.  It’s a bit like building a wall or fortress which we can hide behind and keep ourselves safe. Whilst this wall may keep us safe from hurt it also keeps God out and hinders intimacy with Him.

Ezekiel 36:26 says our hearts can be like stone (hardened, calcified) and need exchanging for a heart of flesh that He will give us. In the natural, hardened or calcified arteries leading to the heart can leave a human heart actually looking as hard as stone in an autopsy. Hardness of heart is not just a euphemism for stubbornness or a rigid attitude it can be a physical reality.

2. The heart can be wounded.

Scripture describes hearts that are troubled, wounded, pierced, grieved, broken, frightened, faint, cowardly, wandering, forgetful, wicked, perverse dull and stubborn. It can be shattered and struggling to handle the pain and traumas of living, while the person thinks they are sailing through life.  They cope mainly on the efforts of their mental understanding – unaware of the depths of pain within.

That’s some of the negatives, but more positively it can be cheerful, rejoicing, glad, joyful, merry, wise, steadfast, true, stout, upright and valiant.

3.  Many people live with a huge gap between their head and their heart.  

The heart can be wounded, shattered and struggling to handle the pain and traumas of living, while the person thinks they are sailing through life.  They cope mainly on the efforts of their mental understanding – unaware of the depths of pain within.

Unless we learn to handle the heart in God’s way, the inner pain is ‘transferred’ or connected to the physical body.  Many of the aches and pains of the body can be traced back to some emotional or undealt with heart issues.

4.  The heart tries to plug into things and ways to cope with life’s pain.

 It makes ‘friends’ with these things because the heart thinks these things will take away the pain.  It uses these ‘friends’ to replace God’s way of doing things.  These things are false friends, and what God calls an ‘idol’, driven by iniquity.

What things might the heart make friends with?  Here is an example:

 Graham grew up in a home just after World War 2 had ended.  Life’s essentials were getting easier to buy for his family.  As a treat, Mother would buy chocolate biscuits, quickly devoured by the five siblings.   Mum’s threats would then be ‘You kids eat all the biscuits so I’m not buying any more!’  It was either a feast of famine for chocolate biscuits at his house.To add further chocolate issues, whenever his parents had friends over, a box of chocolates would appear – but for the adults only.  He had many memories of sitting on the stairs watching the adults consume this precious treasure.

The bottom line is all this story is:  What did Graham tell himself about what he would do when he was an   adult? “When I grow up, I am going to eat all the chocolate I want!”  His heart made a friend of …. chocolate: for pleasure, comfort and reward.

As we continue with our study on the Heart, we can see there are answers for whatever condition our Heart may be in.  We are not caught in that situation forever.  Perhaps once we were in cycles that kept the heart wounded but now, you are learning the truth about your own heart … and how to bring healing to your heart!  Continue with us as we reach that place where the Heart makes more sense.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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