7/5 So what the condition of my Heart now on the journey to Total Wholeness?

So far in this series on the Heart, we have learned that we all have a Heart!  Then we saw in our last post that our Heart can be wounded, hardened and in lots of other conditions.  Part of the journey toward Total Wholeness is to find out what condition your Heart is in!

A.  To begin with, we all begin with the heart in the same condition:

1.  Ephesians 4:18 explains this.

“They (meaning us) are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardness of their heart.”

2. What does this mean?

Our hearts prevented us from hearing and knowing God, especially a hard heart.  How did we get a hard heart?

             a.  Our rebellious, self-reliant inheritance from Adam and Eve,

            b.  Generations of self-centred, blinded ways,

            c.  Our own actions before we came to the Lord.

Our heart looks something like this before we were touched by the Holy Spirit.

3. According to Scripture, we all started with an ‘unregenerate’ heart. 

This is the term for the heart without God.  It is the centre of the Self-system, or the Old Nature.  It is this fallen, self-centred, rebellious, corrupt heart that has lead us astray, Jeremiah 17:9.

C.  Becoming a Jesus Follower means we will have a changed heart.

1.  Some people believe they will have a clean, new heart.

We are given a clean heart when we ask Him into our lives, Ezekiel 36:26: “I will also give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you….” God wisely gives His believers both a new heart to love Him and a new spirit to receive Him.

However, if we haven’t been taught to keep that heart clean, eventually it begins to get dirty again.  Whenever we allow an unforgiving thought to remain, feel bitterness and anger and act on it or by ignoring the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  Soon, our heart is ‘dirty’ again.

2.  The second view it that when we let Him into our Heart, we allow Him to only touch a tiny, small or maybe a middle part of our heart. 

The rubbish is still there and now the job of the Holy Spirit is to bring that ‘baptism of fire’, the ‘Sanctification’ process as we work with Him to clean up our heart.  He loves us too much to leave all that rubbish in our heart for the enemy to touch.  However, only when we stand with Him in eternity will our heart be totally pure.

D.  The Heart and the Spirit must be touched to be ‘born again’.

1.  The Story of the Two Houses.

Before we came to recognise Jesus as the One sent from God, our heart was probably hard, darkened, deceived and double-minded.  This darkness started with Adam’s rebellion, but generational iniquity further contributed to our depravity, as well as our own poor choices in life, Ephesians 3:11-20,1 Peter 2:1, 4:2, Galatians 16-21, Colossians 3:5-11

2.  We receive God initially when we are ‘born again’.

This new birth takes place in our spirit, for according to John 3:6, “…that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” Our human Spirit becomes re-connected to our Creator.  Not only does our Spirit function to receive God initially but it continues to receive God for the rest of our Christian life.

We must learn how to ‘exercise’ our heart and spirit to continue to grow in Him.  This is what it means to “…walk in the Spirit…”

Since mankind was and still is not capable of keeping God’s laws with the blind, unregenerate heart we inherited from our parents, we need a soft heart to be able to follow God.  Jesus Christ was sent to redeem our heart and spirit, to give us a ‘new birth’, a new start with Father God, Jeremiah 24:7, Ezekiel 11:19.  Remember this is an event as well as a process.

The Holy Spirit touches our heart with a ‘gift of repentance’, meaning to ‘agree with God and turn away from sin’.  These are necessary tools to deal with our stony heart because Jesus came to break the power of sin over us, Romans 8:3.

3.  We need to allow Him to touch and heal our hearts.

We need to choose to deliberately let Him touch our heart, to build our trust and faith in His ways, 2 Corinthians 7:2.  We are then ‘reborn’, with a soft heart, to be able to hear and obey God.  Only then can we comply with Father God’s will, know His love and be able to seek His kingdom.  We must literally “make room for and open our heart” to receive Him.

4.  Our heart gets ‘dirty’ as soon as we make a judgement.

Unfortunately, many Christians start hardening their (new) heart soon after accepting Jesus.  They don’t understand that God has taken His judgement off of us and has forgiven us.  He expects us to do the same.

Jesus knows everything already and He is totally, totally on your side!  Heart work is a journey, a process with lots of beautiful events.  Join us in our next post as we look at what is stored in our Heart.

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