7/7 What is Stored in our Hearts that prevents Total Wholeness

As we have already mentioned, one good illustration of our Heart is a Treasure House, a Mansion with lots of different rooms.  So what do we fill these rooms with – often that blocks our journey toward Total Wholeness?

1. Firstly there are personal strongholds.

The Heart is concerned about two main things – the pleasures and pains of our life.

This includes such as trauma, un-forgiveness and judgment….or good memories of happy events.

2.  Sometimes, there are lies and half truths our heart has believed about life and about ourselves, God and others.  It is out of these see others and the world around us. 

3.  Some of these are what is called ‘Heart vows’ we made when we were hurt of judging others. 

Vows are something our Heart says while trying to keep us safe, usually couched in terms of ‘I will/I’ll never………’

Some common ones might be “I will never accept a man with a beard as reliable.”  …or ” I won’t go into that Bank because they are dishonest.”  Another common vow is “When I have children, I won’t ever …..”  The problem with Heart vows is that sometimes, we can’t avoid a situation and we may be blocked into actions we do not want.

4.  There are also ‘idols’ which are something we draw strength from or give strength to. It is how we spend yourself, your thoughts and your time and effort.

C.  Another Heart example: ‘Rats and the Compost Pile’.

1.  The Heart can also be like a ‘Compost Pile’.

If I have an open compost pile in my back yard, it will soon attract all kinds of animals and insects, even rats.  I can get rid of the rats with a cat or with traps but what is the real issue?  Learn to remove (by repentance) what ‘the rats’ – the demonic – are feeding on from the heart and most ‘rats’, the demonic oppression will leave.

2.  The demonic feeds on and can influence us through the stuff we lock up in our heart. 

The hidden anger, bitterness, resentments and grief of the hurting heart attract the enemy forces.  Clean out the heart and the enemy has no foothold.  Perhaps that is one reason why Jesus taught so much on the unforgiveness we often find in our hearts.

We will open up these concepts in other posts so write out your questions, or even leave your questions on the comment section of this post.  In our next post, we continue with the Heart and give you ‘Ten Ways to see What is in your Heart’.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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