8/1 Living in a Healthy Body

In our last posts in the blog devoted to Total Wholeness, we introduced the idea that your inner systems are somewhat like the Boardroom meetings of businesses.  So far, we have introduced the six parts in your inner world.  Can you remember them? 

Somewhere in your Boardroom you will find:

The Mind……The Will…..The Human Spirit…..The Conscience….The Heart…..The Emotions

We have presented the members of your personality, sitting around their boardroom table …but in peaceful discussions?  Well, no not really!  As we shall see in our coming posts, the conflicts and stresses found in most people’s Boardroom is far from Total Wholeness!  Control, anger, frustration, ignorance, overwork or any number of things rule most people’s Boardroom!

In today’s post, we are talking about the member that represents your physical body.  It is the physical tent or the house we live in.  Our body’s condition depends on how important we think our body is and on how well the rest of the BR system has met its needs in the past.

The Body is Creator God’s idea of an interface between the spirit and the physical universe.  He wants it (like all BR members) to be healthy and whole.  The Body is the foundation on which our mental and spiritual health depends.

We all begin with a body, created by God, brought into the Earth by a woman.  Our body has certain features that are unchangeable, such as which family we were born into and our time in history.  We need to learn to honour His choices for us.

The body is our dwelling place until we die.  The body is subject to death and will return to the dust it was made of.  The spirit returns back to God who gave it.  The body shows the effects of sin and rebellion, by the process of aging and dying.

Some people may be expecting too much from the body.  If we are overworking it, over-feeding it or not exercising it enough, it will become dysfunctional.  We need to listen to the body’s aches and pains as messages of what’s going on in the inner system or we will face the consequences of those abuses in the future.

The body can be overextended, driven or addicted in its wants, desires and yearnings.  Some of these needs are Godly, while other wants are not.  We have the choice of which desires we choose to yield to.

If we have practiced ignoring the body’s messages about its aches and pains, we may have lost touch with the health issues we need to address.  Pain is a message that something is wrong.  Much dysfunction of the physical body would be avoided if we learned to listen to the ‘Red and Yellow Line’ messages from our body.  In fact, medical surveys show us that up to 70 or 80% of doctor’s visits are related to the mental and emotional health of the patient (psycho-somatic).

The sensations we experience through our body are meant to make us aware of what is happening in our inner world.  Our mind can be so busy with worries, schedules and concerns.  It is easy for our mind to get lost in what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future.  Many times, there is a chasm between what we are thinking and how our body is reacting to life.

We can recognize those places where we are tight, sore or uncomfortable.  It may be our stomach, shoulders, neck or head.  We may not even be aware that we were uncomfortable until we stop and pay attention


Let’s continue with the experience of allowing our body to make comments on its condition:

“A raw deal!  You don’t know the half of it!  Hour after hour, the emotions come and dump all their stress on me.  Fear, panic, anger, bitterness all get to me.  Lately the stomach has been complaining too.

“Yes, the heart and the conscience are using the will’s power to fight me again.  It’s only going to destroy my muscle cells with this next crazy diet and their notions of how to be slim.

“I’ll just have to dismantle some of my fat storerooms that I’ve been saving to protect me from the next trauma the BRE subjects us to.

“You know what I’d like right now?  A great big piece of chocolate cake or maybe some of those biscuits I’ve seen the heart hid away …or maybe another kind of ice cream….or….”


Our body is the ‘dumping ground’, the last battle lines for whatever is happening with the rest of the Boardroom!  Everything get fed into the body’s muscles, nervous systems, hormones, internal organs and all the physical processes our body does every day.  Then the results?  We experience headaches, stomach aches and all kinds of aches and pains in our body.  When our immune system begins to be attacked, the body doesn’t have enough defences to keep illness and sick out.  If we continue to ignore the signals, deeper and longer lasting issues occur. 

In our next post on Total Wholeness, we shall discus who really is meant to be ‘in charge’ in your Boardroom – the Mind?  the Conscience ….. or?

Again we need help to see what is going on in our body.  Continue with us on our journey toward Total Wholeness for some of the answers you might need,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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