8/1 Our Physical Body and the impact on Total Wholeness

We just finished the important part of your personality called ‘The Heart’.  This is such an important concept to remember because our Heart is the centre and source of everything we do, say, believe and consider important!  If you didn’t have the space to see what we talked about, return to HERE!

We now return to this next important member of your inner system: The Body.  The Physical Body has some representative in the Boardroom, with its needs, wants and desires.  Some of these needs are God-given but other messages from the body are cravings, self-image or overload issues.

Say Hello to the Body

1.  The Body is a shell we live in.

The body is the outside shell we live in that people see when they look at us.  It is the physical tent or the house we live in.  Our body’s condition depends on how important we think our body is.  The Body is also ‘the final battleground’.  Depending on how well the rest of the Boardroom system has met the Body’s needs in the past, we are healthy or on a downhill slide.

2. Our Body reflects our whole personality.

The body also reflects the rest of our individual Boardroom ‘parts’ with any long attitudes and habits. The body shows, or ‘manifests’, our spirit and soul conditions.  If there is ‘dis-ease’ anywhere else in the BR, the body will be the member to clearly reflect this disease in an observable way.

The Physical Body is also the outer house that our human spirit lives in.  The Body is also the home of the Holy Spirit, as Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 3:16, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?”

However, because our modern worldview has been influenced by Greek philosophy and Greek thinking, we have tended to minimize the importance of the body. The Bible gives the body more significance than we are ordinarily taught in the modern western culture. It is to be viewed with dignity and not just a necessary addition to the spirit. Hebrew thinking perceives the body as an outward expression or physical extension of the spirit or ‘inner man.’ God is pure spirit; man is a spirit with a body and will always be so in this life and the next.

3. The Body is a wonderful creation.

The Body has been wonderfully and complex as it has been fashioned by God.  The Body can seek to do its own will by yielding to temptations, becoming an ‘instrument of sin’ and thus influencing the whole personality as we slide into self-destruction.  It is subject to death and illness.  It has basic needs and wants that can either rule or destroy us … or, as Jesus Followers, these needs are to be governed by the Holy Spirit. and the human spirit.  Someday, our present decaying Body will be replaced by a perfect Body!

4. Part of the  war within?

The body has certain built in, God-given needs, such as food, sleep, sex, exercise and protection from the elements.  The body must have these needs fulfilled or else it will malfunction, or ‘cease to exist’.

The body’s wants and desires can become self-imposed goals, even idols in our lives.  When these wants and desires drive us, the Bible calls it ‘the flesh’.  If our Heart has allowed these desires in, there will be “war” in the Boardroom between the spirit and the soul, Galatians 5:17.

5. Home of your human spirit.

The human spirit would have difficulty existing without the physical context of the body. The Body is our Creator God’s idea of an interface between the spirit and physical universe or realm.

Myles Monroe puts it this way, “In order to fulfil His design and intention of ruling the earth through a physical representative, God then placed the spirit man He created into a physical shell, a body fashioned from the dust.”

The body is also subject to death and will return to the dust from which it was made. The Bible indicates that the aging and death process that all creation experiences is the direct result of sin and rebellion.

6. Chosen by our Creator

So we all begin with a body created by God with certain features that are generally unchangeable, particularly in the area of gender, race and age. Gender confusion is a deep issue, usually of the Heart, but it is important that we honour God’s choice of sex for us, and receive counselling if this issue is causing significant problems.

Our Creator chose other important details that fit only us: our parents, time in history, place of our birth, our sex, general body build, our relatives and siblings.  These details cannot be removed, only accepted or rejected by us.  These were planned for us from the beginning of time and are meant to be part of our story, our learning process here on Earth.

We can tell some of this story by looking at a person’s body – age, weight, race, some emotional content, stress level, trauma and many other things.  For some of us, learning more about the body might help us adjust our thinking and find a better body image … or come to more peace about the Body we have been given.  We also need to see that we are the only ones who can care for our present Body … until we are given a new one.  This might be part of the process of accepting our Creator’s choices.

So continue to join us as we explore the Body as part of your 7 parts in your personal Boardroom!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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