8/10 My Body and I are Friends

 We discussed in our last post, how important it is to have a healthy body image to live in Total Wholeness.  Take this short checklist and see what you think about your Body.  Then take your answers to the Lord and see what He says.  Change what you can to be more healthy but also learn to accept what your loving Creator has given.  Great peace comes from living in comfort and acceptance for the gift of your Body.

Using the scale below, insert a number, that is most characteristic of your heart belief about each statement:

1 = not at all, 2 = slightly, 3 = moderately true, 4 = very true, 5 = extremely true for me

1. I am not comfortable with the appearance of my physique / figure. _____

2. I worry about wearing certain clothes that might make me look too thin or overweight. _____

3. I worry about the general health of my body. _____

4. I am bothered about thoughts that other people are evaluating my weight or muscular development. _____

5. When I look in the mirror, I have trouble feeling good about my physique / figure.

6. Any unattractive features about my physique / figure make me nervous in social settings. _____

7. I feel apprehensive about myself in the presence of others with more ‘perfect’ features or body. _____

8. I am not comfortable with the physical features of my face. _____

9. It would make me uncomfortable to know that others were evaluating my physique / figure. _____

10. When in a bathing suit, I often feel nervous about the shape of my body. _____

11. I feel my body is not sexually appealing. _____

12. I don’t accept my looks just the way they are. _____

13. I don’t like the way my clothes fit me. _____

14. I have trouble accepting the unchangeable areas about my body. _____

15. I have been on regular cycles of dieting and gaining weight. _____

16. I feel that I have not achieved my standards of body weight. _____

17. I generally don’t feel in control of things in my life. _____

18. I wish I looked different that I do; that I was someone else. _____

19. I often catch myself in judgement of other’s appearance. _____

20. I am having difficulty progressing with the changeable areas of aging, weight, etc. _____

22. I am struggling with facing the aging process my body is going through and what I need to do to stay fit. _____

23. I really know that a perfect body will not bring me happiness – but I wish I had a more perfect body. _____

24. I feel very depressed as I look at older people, knowing my body is deteriorating too. _____

This is only a rough guide for how you feel about the Body you are living within.  Learning to be at peace with this Body mat take some surrender and working with your Heart.  Remember you will only have that ‘Perfect’ body when you reach you eternal home.

The higher the score, the more you need to work on finding more positive attitudes and lifestyle changes to help you adjust to growing older or to accepting the Body you have been given.  If you are a Jesus Follower, make sure you include Him in the process!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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