8/15 Exercise #5: My Eating Patterns

We continue to look at the place of the physical body in our Boardroom – the different parts that make us who we are.  The following worksheet has been designed to help discover the eating habits you have adopted.  Some habits are good and some are not so healthy.  It might help to print off this worksheet so you can think through the questions. 

Rate the following questions:  1= not true for me / 5= a real problem for me

1. Family meal times were always tense, stressful. ______

2. Other members of my family have eating issues. ______

3. Some family members are over/under weight. ______

4. I have little or no satisfaction in the food I do eat. ______

5. My (…..) puts a lot of pressure on me to lose weight. ______

6. I pressure myself to keep a certain body image. ______

7. By weight charts, my weight is NOT normal. ______

8. I have had many cycles of dieting in the past. ______

9. I always put back any weight lost, or add more. ______

10. I experienced teasing as a child for my weight. ______

11. I find a huge amount of ‘driveness’ in my eating. ______

12. I have taken appetite suppressants in the past. ______

13. My diet is overbalanced in one food group. ______

14. I have a pattern of seeing doctors about my weight. ______

15. I have been to other specialists about my weight. ______

16. I feel I cannot control my eating at times. ______

17. I have a lot of ‘hiddenness’ about my eating habits. ______

18. There are times when I know I eat for comfort. ______

19. There are times when I eat out of boredom. ______

20. I lose control of my eating and induce vomiting after a food binge. ______

21. My family was/is very secretive about eating. ______

22. I have a hidden store place for my favourite foods others do not you know about. ______

23. I avoid certain foods whether good for me or not. ______

24. I eat the same food for lunch every day. ______

25. Others say my weight is ok but I don’t agree. ______

26. If I could live without food, I would choose to. ______

27. I am aware of an addiction to certain foods. ______

28.  I am not at all comfortable in my body shape/size. ______

29.  It is common for me to fast for days or weeks. ______

The higher the score, you more you need to see a competent counsellor to help.

We hope this has inspired some thinking about your own feelings about your body.  It is important to have a healthy view of this ‘tent’ we live in.  How we feel about our body will determine how we treat it.  We only have one body so we need to take care of this tent to ‘” long and prosper….”.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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