8/19 Sexual Intimacy and Total Wholeness

So far we have been discussing the Body and its influence on your whole personality.  We’ve talked about Body image, the effect emotions have on the Body and the importance of feeling at home in your Body.  This is the 7th member of your Boardroom, your total personality.  Can you remember the other six?  We now continue with the influence of sexuality and your Body.

Here is an interesting YouTube on the subject of Sexuality and the Body, entitled ‘Better Sex Through Deeper Emotional Intimacy’, from TheBookstation, Published on April 11, 2013


All couple relationships need a significant level of emotional intimacy. Yes, both males and females need to reach effective levels of emotional closeness to each other. This emotional closeness needs to be nourished within the relationship using the nine dynamics discussed in this book.

Being emotionally intimate can produce a much stronger sexual satisfaction as a couple thus better sex. After over thirty years of counselling with couples, it became evident to me and to my clients that these nine dynamics were integral to the success of the marriage both emotionally and physically. This book is a good read for anyone in a marriage. It can inform you and remind you how to keep your relationship alive.

Will your committed relationship survive fifty or more years? Do you know what it takes to make it last? Is your sexual life dwindling? Are your emotional feelings for your partner being challenged?

Here is another angle on the issues of Sex and the Body:

What does God say about sex in marriage? How can you overcome cultural myths and personal “baggage” about sexuality?  Two authors, Dan B. Allender and Tremper Longman III have written this inductive Bible study guide to help couples build healthy and happy marriages. Through six study sessions for individuals, couples or groups, they lead you to discuss with your spouse healthy ways of expressing sexuality within marriage.

Intimate Marriage Bible studies bring spouses into deeper communion with God and with each other. In marriage a man and a woman are called to leave their families of origin, to weave their individual lives into a unity and to cleave to each other. How can fallen human beings even begin to contemplate this ideal – God’s ideal?

These studies will help you take small but real steps toward honouring the image of God in each other and living out God’s goal for marriage. As you explore and respond to Scripture together, you will discover strength and beauty in your marriage and become even more intimate companions.

A third input into this area is another interesting YouTube: ‘Emotional Intimacy – How To Create It’ by  Troy Byer


God did design sexuality into the needs of the human body.  However, we do have the responsibility both to ourselves and to others to have a healthy view of sex.  We live in a physical body but we do need to be in control and have healthy boundaries and directions for our best growth.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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